The ever-inspiring photographer known as Li Wei has updated with yet again a flurry of mind-bending imagery that all appear as though they were somehow magically captured in camera.

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Icelandic designer illustrator Siggi Odds has some colorful work in his portfolio that makes interesting use of the Makah tribal art style appropriated as a vector portrait style.

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Painter Michael Peck uses oil to create some truly beautiful works of art that feel almost like snapshots from distant memories. The ability to paint in such a style has always amazed me and Peck is a master.

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Artist Eric Daigh creates his imagery using nothing other than pushpins. His portraiture can sometimes require up to 25,000 push pins at a time. The imagery is amazing but even more amazing is the gigantic amount of patience required to sit there and physically push 25,000 pins into a canvas.

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Matt Hoyle is an ad man turned photographer who has captured some very well known personalities. His work has been recognized by numerous publications and shown in the national portrait gallery. It’s obvious his skills extend beyond the lens to directing his talent to capture the unique aspects of their persona. He’s also spoken at TED which you can watch here.

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Danny McShane’s Flickr Photostream features subtle hues, muted tones, rainbow swept forests and shorelines complimented by very attractive young models. I would imagine capturing those photos was a very good time indeed.

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The before and after portrait series of child boxers by photographer Nicolai Howalt is a gritty and disturbing plunge into a sport I didn’t know they allowed children to participate in.

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It’s a wild guess but Jeremy Dower might be a fan of two things, dogs and shrooms (or LSD). I could be wrong but judging by his extremely trippy dog paintings I would say I have a possible shot at being right on the money.

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Illustrator Charles Williams has a way of defining his portraiture through geometric watercolor doused blocks that makes for a fun bit of eye candy. It’s a style that’s attracted some noteworthy clients.

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Sonia & Mark Whitesnow are a Russian photography duo based out of the small town of Kirov. They have some very unusual and surreal portraiture in their Behance portfolio that makes great use of both lighting and makeup.

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Behind the considered lens of photographer Eric Ogden even the most vacant of celebrities manage to look introspective and even a little bit interesting.

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Dave Imms takes pictures of people, places and things. The images are raw, gritty, uncompromising and honest. The subjects are captured in their most genuine of settings and laid bare for the viewer.

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Scott W. H. Young has some lovely washed out moody pictures in his portfolio that play like soft glimpses of a dream.

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Bobby Neel Adams is a photographic artist who resides in New York. He has been at work for many years and has spent much time examining the process of aging on the body and soul. His series entitled ‘Family Tree’ was created by splitting images of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons even fathers and daughters then resizing them to match in order to examine the changes brought on by aging yet still strange similarities between the two.

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Photographer Olivier Valsecchi’s latest series is called ‘Dust’. It’s a simple concept which through the use of expressive models and dramatic lighting yielded beautifully artistic results.

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It’s been over a year since we said anything about photographer Ryan McGinley and in that time he has filled his cup with beautiful, whimsical images that make you want to strip down with a sparkler in hand and run off into the woods.

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Photographer Hannes Caspar captures beautifully simple images that preserve the integrity of the sitter while offering a window into the mystery of the individual. He is primarily driven by the human form and the effect of humankind on the world. Truly gorgeous work.

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Photographer Steven Brahms ironic images belie a cynicism about modern life. He embraces the ridiculous but finds a unique humor in the seriousness through which people approach life in the modern world. If you are curious about his process there are some wonderful answers available in an interview he did with Future Shipwreck.

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