There are several new and very interesting projects in the portfolio of Portuguese artist, illustrator and creative Paulo Arraiano. His work has become much more artistic and expressionistic since I last dropped in and his street art work is phenomenal.

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Nightcrawler, a member of Medusateam lays down some beats and sets them to a throwback horror psychedelic freakout that might just get you jumping in your seat.

Creative direction: Nightcrawler
Music & video produced by: Nightcrawler
Company: Marathon beat

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Portuguese designer motionographers Pedro Vilas-Boas and Cátia Oliveira have updated their portfolio at Vilaz with some bright, colorful and kinetic new imagery. It’s an eye candy bonanza that’s hard to tear your eyes away from.

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Portuguese graphic designer Rui Ribeiro has some clean and classic minimalist work in his portfolio that clearly isn’t afraid to use negative space.

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Damn am I loving the graffiti-inspired work of illustrator Paulo Arraiano for Nike. It’s awesome. I am going back to the pencil big time right now. Push this machine away from me so I can reconnect to the paper first.

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Portuguese type-as-image designer André Beato has some simple but extremely likeable clever typographic layouts in his portfolio that are attracting attention across the creative blogosphere. And those layouts have recently been refreshed.

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Portuguese illustrator/designer Bráulio Amado’s influences are all over the map. He takes an energetic, humerous and eclectic approach to his work that makes for an interesting portfolio browse. I didn’t see comic sans used anywhere though.

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Portuguese design studio Alva sent a note that they have recently updated their Flickr folio with a lot of new print work. It’s colorful, bright and sometimes strange in the way that has made me a big fan of what they do.

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Portuguese designer illustrator João Oliveira has updated his site once again with several glowing electro-pop examples of illustration, design, collage and typography. It’s always a fun browse through João’s portfolio.

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Portuguese designer and typographer André Beato is currently based in London where he concentrates most of his efforts on vector art that has yielded some fun results, specifically in the area of typography.

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Lisbon based design studio Alva has kept up pretty well on posting new work to their website but lately there has been some newer work added to their Flickr-folio. There latest work carries an international sense for fashion as their aesthetic sophistication level continues to rise throughout their portfolio.

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Lisbon based design studio Alva-Alva has been updating their Flickr-folio with work lately including some very nice album art for ‘Paus’. There have been a few small updates to their home website as well and their work is always good to drop in on from time to time for inspiration’s sake.

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Portuguese graphic designer and typographer Pedro Campiche is founder of the OK! Collective, a platform for creative and artistic projects. He loves typography, illustration, graffiti and photography. If you kind of stewed a little of 123Klan with Parra you can get a little bit of an idea of Campiche’s work but he does offer an interesting meld of influences and is one to watch for future work.

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Lisbon-based studio Alva looks as though they recently updated their website and portfolio. The piece pictured above is not new but still one of my favorite examples of their work. Even if the update isn’t entirely recent, they are still worth looking into for the uninitiated.

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There is some interesting digital collage work happening in the Behance-folio of Portuguese illustrator/designer Roberto Gamito.

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So WTF is ALVA anyway? Consider yourself educated.

Any room in that Lisbon studio fellas? I think you just sold me on moving out there just to bask in the light of your presence.

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Really interesting and wildly colorful work from Pedro Vilas-Boas. Some of it really jumps out at you. He’s not afraid to just go a little crazy and I really like that.

Via good ‘ole CPLUV.

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Wild graphic design, photography, illustration, advertising and website by The Studio.

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