Creative Spark put together a nice project for Halloween this year. They created posters for their favorite horror movies. You can view and buy them here. The best part about the entire project is that the proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

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Editions of 100 recently updated their store cache with some new prints including the print above titled KOMPAKT-KASSETTE by Daniel Freytag. They have done a nice job curating some minimal but attractive prints.

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Bijan Berahimi recently updated with some tasty new print work. He was kind enough to send us a little mailer last year that we really liked. He has an interesting perspective when it comes to us use of type, color and layout. We dig it.

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Illustrator Tang Yau Hoong has a pretty nifty little shop of prints to choose from. Some of them are very conceptual, they are all different and there are a few gems to be plucked.

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Illustrator Kevin Tong has been on a roll this year with some seriously amazing prints created for the likes of Mondo and Spoke Art. He is about to drop some new prints this week and that makes it as good a time as any for the uninitiated to check out his work.

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We are digging illustrator and screen printer Bill Connors loose, cartoony pop culture clash mashup imagery that he then silkscreens onto colorful, kick ass posters. Delicious.

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Wow this is an extremely nice scroll of airtight classic posters from Dutch graphic designer Marius Roosendaal. I was very inspired by some of these.

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Jay Shaw calls himself ‘Iron Jaiden’ and has gathered quite a following on hardcore print and poster websites like Expresso Beans and OMG Posters (I know because I am one of the nerds who constantly frequents those websites and collects posters). You can see his excellent work at Kingdom of Nonsense. I was totally excited to recently discover that Jay is actually a resident of Denver, Colorado and his studio is just downtown. That excitement was compounded when I also discovered that he is hosting a silkscreen poster exhibition tomorrow night as a tribute to the amazing writer/director Sydney Lumet. The show was expertly curated by Jay himself and features some fantastic posters by artists like Kevin Ang and James Rheem Davis. You can see most of the posters in the show here at OMG posters. This is going to be a great event and it’s a little something new for the art scene here in Denver. So don’t miss out tomorrow night. I am planning on being there myself.

Here are the details:
Laundry on Lawrence
2701 Lawrence
Denver, Co

Doors open at 7. Be there or be square or at least miss out on that poster you are coveting.

Leftover posters will be sold at Jay’s online storefront the following day.

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Typographer Seb Lester has released another beautiful print with a simple message, ‘peace’. That message is communicated however through a complex and beautiful work of artistic typography. To find out more about purchasing the print visit Lester’s website.

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In case you missed it, ISO50 updated with some tasty new prints including some collaboration work with Seth Haley (Com Truise). Scott Hansen’s work continues to inspire.

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I’ve posted their work before but one of my favorite print shops recently updated their storefront with some excellent new prints. I am really thinking about plunking down a little money on these for my son’s room. They are super cool, cute but not dumb if you know what I mean. Just a perfect blend of imagination, pop and attitude.

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Matthew Harlan is a Chicago based graphic design and illustrator with a relatively loose and printerly style often anchored by strong geometry. His work includes some excellent silksreened posters.

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Safewalls has been releasing some limited edition prints for Cirque du Soleil over the past few months. They have more expensive deluxe prints but also less expensive limited run prints from each artist. There are some great artists involved with the project like Ron English, Miss Van and Tara Mcpherson. The above image is from Ron English’s poster.

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Irish Graphic Design Duane Dalton has some excellent minimal posters in his portfolio including a series titled ‘Album Anatomy’ that includes some great work centered around a few of my personal favorite bands.

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In an effort to help incite fundraising efforts Unfold Media and Canary Collective have merged their efforts to donate toward the NOLA Japan Quake Fund. They have a series of silk screened 11×17 posters available for purchase and are also exhibiting the work at (the show went up May 6th) the Unfold Media: Design Studio, Gallery, Art Space located at 708 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA.

To purchase a poster and learn more about the show you can click here.

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Michael at Ventilate is a very nice person and I had the opportunity to exchange several emails with him in the past few weeks about a project I hoped to initiate but just didn’t have time to pull together. Fortunately, Michael grab the reigns and put together the ‘Ventilate Japan‘ project to help pool some money to put toward the relief effort in Japan. A lot of news has happened since the earthquake in Japan but there are so many still suffering and they really do still need global support in any way we can get it to them.

Ventilate managed to pull together some very talented artists who really put some passion into designing some great posters for the cause.

Thank you so much Michael and Ventilate.

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Silver Screen Society is a group of designers and friends that work toward creating art and designs honoring the many stories told through the world of cinema. The project’s roots lie in the book clubs of yore, with each month bringing a new film and cast of contributors that carry with them their own unique interpretations and ideas.’

Hopefully these will someday be printed although rights issues associated with film are notoriously sticky.

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This minimalist poster set created by designer Andrea Gallo has caused a stir around the creative blogosphere in recent days. Probably because it’s clean, smart, cool and easy to digest. The series features 6 of the designers favorite architects along with minimal stylized graphic interpretations of famous examples of their architecture.

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