Hungarian designer and typographer Áron Jancsó has recently updated his Flickr-folio with some new and very attractive examples of typographical posters. His use of color and form is really coming together and making for some very inspiring work. He’s definitely worth checking in on from time to time.

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I have been a fan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin based screen printers and illustrators Little Friends of Printmaking for a while now. I just stumbled across their Flickr-folio today and was excited to see a lot of very recent work, much of which renewed my interest in their work. The cycling illustrations are exceptional.

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ZipporaLux is Boya Naomi Zippora Latumahina born and raised in the Netherlands but now residing in London. She is a photographer and graphic design student and she like cats and Hubble Space Telescope photos which led to this incredibly fun series of posters that you can purchase via her Etsy shop. How can you not like those posters? They’d make for a great conversation piece in any aspiring design studio.

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Designer/illustrator Olly Moss has updated his Flickr-folio with some super fun work for Mondo Tees including the posters above. He’s kicked out some excellent poster work as of late.

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Dwell Magazine is now offering a series of limited edition prints from some notable artists, illustrators and designers. The list of names involved includes some of my personal favorites like Mario Hugo, Mike Perry and Steven Harrington

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Artist and illustrator Jasper Goodall has started selling prints via his website and has a deal on the above set. The prints themselves are a little pricey but they are being released in very limited quantities and if you are a devout fan of his work, it might be a rare opportunity to hang some of his unique imagery in your living space or studio.

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I dropped in on the Artcrank poster show this weekend which is currently exhibiting at the Lisa Koslowski Gallery until next Saturday. There were some excellent posters in the show this year, and I purchased two from some local friends of mine. I purchased Ctt blogger and Legwork partner Aaron Ray’s poster as well as Anthony Cozzi’s. I was really blown away by Anthony’s poster. The screens were air tight and the use of color was used to great effect. If you have a chance this week and are here in Denver definitely stop by the gallery if you are looking to pick up some unique pieces of art.

If you can’t make it to the show, you can still purchase a copy of Anthony Cozzi’s poster here.

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Graphic designer Paul Tebbott was recently inspired by Roy Batty’s monologue at the end of Bladerunner and produced an absolutely gorgeous surreal poster as a result of that inspiration. I can’t say how much I love this poster. I am going to order one to hang in my studio over our couch. It’s beautiful. It reminds me a bit of a Salvidor Dali painting and although it is simple in execution, there is an enormous amount of spiritual depth in the piece. You can purchase a copy in his online store. Excellent work Mr. Tebbott.

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Jessica Hische has finally printed her entire Daily Drop Cap project as 8 inch by 8 inch letterpress posters.  You can purchase one at a time for $40 bucks a piece or the entire alphabet for $2,000. They are absolutely gorgeous works of typographical art and she really out did herself printing all of them as letterpress posters. It’s a genuine way to appreciate her efforts in a timeless format. I’d love to purchase the letters to spell ‘changethethought’ but dare say we probably couldn’t afford the price tag at the moment.

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YouWorkForThem took a little break recently from posting new items to their storefront and working on studio projects to have a little fun and play. They designed some simple posters utilizing fonts from their storefront then submerged them in water and photographed them. You can see the end result in their Behance folio. You can also download them as iPhone Wallpapers. The lingering question is if they will print them as posters, and if they do I would definitely be interested in purchasing a couple. I am a big big fan of Black Slabbath and it’s one of the few recent out-of-the-box fonts that really delivers when used as a display face. I still manage to sneak it into a lot of client projects.

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Ross Bruggink is a Minneapolis based graphic designer with some very nice work in his portfolio. I stumbled across him while searching for some inspiration for my Artcrank poster that I still have to create for this year’s Denver event. I love Bruggink’s poster. Very nice. I am curious if it was letterpressed.

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Glasgow based studio Graphical House have just launched an online shop with some nice minimal posters that would look attractive on the wall of any well-to-do design or advertising agency. The above is my personal favorite.

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The graphic design studio Cyan was established in 1992 by daniela haufe and detlef fiedler in berlin. They have a large modernist body of work with a heavy emphasis on typography. There is an impressive cache of posters in their portfolio and you can kill some time looking through the large images of their work.

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I could try to explain Alex Varanese’s recent project myself but being that he is such an uncompromisingly honest person, it’s probably better to just let him tell you himself:

“This project is undoubtedly my most conceptually ambitious work to date. It comprises 14 full-sized, 18×24″ prints that explore the awesomely absurd idea of time travelers who return to the late 1970’s to release the technology of 2010 and dominate the world of consumer electronics. I re-imagined four modern products as if they existed over 30 years ago and tried to bring them to life through fake print ads, abstract glamour shots, and even a characteristically pretentious type treatment or two.”

Totally awesome.

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Welcometo.as is a design studio established in 2004 by Adam and Sébastien who first met during their intership at Studio Dumbar in The Hague in the spring of 2002. There is some very unusual and colorful poster and typography work in the Welcometo.as portfolio.

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“Born in Tokyo in 1931. After graduation from Tokyo University of Education, joined Ajinomoto in 1956. Went freelance in 1961. In addition to engaging in the full spectrum of graphic design, served as art director of the Japan World Exposition in Osaka (1970), International Ocean Exposition in Okinawa (1975), and International Exposition of Science and Technology in Tsukuba (1985). Also created the symbol for the International Garden and Greenery Exposition in Osaka (1990). Pioneered new forms of communicative expression enabled by new technologies. Professor Emeritus at Musashino Art University and Director of Chameleon Project. Member of Board of Directors of JAGDA and of Japan Display Association. Member of Tokyo ADC and AGI. Recipient of numerous awards, including: Tokyo ADC Members Award, Mainichi Design Award, Kodansha Publishing Cultural Award, Katzumie Masaru Award, Minister of Education Art Incentive Award, Japanese Government Medal with Purple Ribbon, N.Y. ADC Gold Prize, Gold Prize at Lahti International Poster Biennial, Gold Prize at Brno Biennial of Book Design, Grand Prix at Poster Biennial of Mexico, and Gold Prize at Warsaw International Poster Biennial.”

Mitsuo Katsui was a true master of graphic design. His entire body of work is incredibly inspiring. I suggest taking your time while combing through his site.

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Artist and illustrator Alex Lukas has a fascinating portfolio that mixes all kinds of strange things like apocalyptic art collages and comic book style art and illustration. Just when you think you might have figured him out you click on something else and voila, more talent is exposed. You can also purchase some of his prints at Cantab Publishing.

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Dutch graphic designer Raf Vancampenhoudt has a fantastic cache of poster and print work ready and available at his website just waiting to inspire you.

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