There is some very good looking branding work for print in the portfolio of Catherine Bourdon. It’s simple yet very tasty.

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Graphic Designer/Art Director Greg Durrell recently updated with yet more stunning graphic work for the Olympics. His work has been all over the creative blogosphere this week most likely because of it’s simple accessible style that exudes a playful minimalism that is seemingly without pretension.

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Largetype is the playground and blog of designer Matt Stevens. He has a portfolio website and a storefront as well but there are some wonderful things happening at his play space.

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Designer Oliver Munday has updated with some OMG WTF NEW work and it might provoke some of those reactions considering just how good his work is. There is all kinds of tasty stuff in there and if you are reading this Mr. Munday, I would love a print of the poster pictured in this post.

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Orlando, Florida based graphic designer Danny Jones has a clean and tasty body of work including some minimally designed but highly considered print work. It looks extra sexy photographed closeup so you can catch the punch from the letterpress.

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A new edition of Process Journal is now available. It’s become quite the publication and this edition features Browns Design, Christopher Doyle, Toko, Give Up Art, Nice Device, KentLyons, Christian Shwartz, Build, Design Project, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, Inhouse, Tom Munckton, Marque. As well as design responses from Clinton Duncan and Kate Nielsen. Keep print alive.

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Montreal based design studio Feed has been churning out some excellent design work since 1999 and you can see several examples at their recently updated website.

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OK-RM is a London based design studio founded in 2008 by Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath. They have a very understated but strong body of classic graphic design work for editorial represented in their portfolio.

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Non-Swiss sounding named graphic designer Rosario Florio is actually very much Swiss especially in how he approaches his subtle and simple typographically-rooted layouts for his numerous print projects. Enjoy the long scroll.

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Sam Dallyn just makes beautiful things. Those things range all over the place from clocks, to print campaigns to business cards but each one of them addresses a highly considered, clean and contemporary aesthetic that makes his work stand out as a whole immediately upon viewing the home page of his website.

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Netherlands design studio Pot And Vander Velden have some clean, simple print work in their portfolio that still manages to deliver a quirky sense of personality.

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Clean, crip, cracking and ultimately Swiss work in the portfolio of studio NeoNeo who have managed to crank out some downright beautiful print work for some very large clientele.

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Design studio Sanderson Bob has updated with some delicious new print and product work that is simple, smart and beautiful.

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Designer Kevin Stanley Harris on Designer Kevin Stanley Harris: “I have honest intentions. It would make me happy if we made something together. I don’t know how electricity works. I just moved to NYC. I was born in the 90’s.”

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Australian designer Mark Gowing is churning out some clean contemporary design work out of his base in Sydney. He’s keeping things minimal but doing it right.

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The Demian Conrad Design studio is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and recently completed a large project for the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, referred to locally as ‘LUFF’. The project features some unusual posters that when seen through the proper glasses reveal some disturbing images. Demian’s been cranking out some excellent Swiss design work from day 1. Ahh to live and design in Switzerland.

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Brighton based studio Red Design has updated with several new projects ranging across a diversified style anchored by a classic modernist approach.

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Designer Nicholas Felton infamous personal annual reports have become the stuff of graphic designerd’s lore in the past few years. He has recently released his 2010 report focusing this time on paternity.

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