Stockholm based Museum Studio updates with a few more of the quirky and somewhat strange projects that you either love them or hate them for (either way they are hard to ignore).

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Xavier Encinas Studio based in Paris has updated with several new projects that feature a genuine knack for making print haute.

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Stockholm-based Brand, Design and Film agency Snask has updated their portfolio of work recently with some tasty new print and branding projects. It’s a colorful affair with an attention to the big picture spread throughout numerous materials created for each client.

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German graphic designer Julian Zimmermann is keeping print sexy with a long scroll of letterpress, foil and intricately arranged typography. If you are yearning for something tangible in a digital world Zimmermann is holding it down.

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Longtime Minneapolis bastion of contemporary graphic design Charles S. Anderson has updated with a new website and an easy-access archive of their inspiring body of work. Two of my college classmates have worked at CSA for several years now and have produced some amazing work under the Anderson roof.

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London based design studio Sawdust has already uploaded some new work in this new year for mediaPro. It’s a simply designed, yet strikingly bold saddle stitched little diddy. Yum. Print.

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Good old fashioned clean and crispy print work is pouring out of Amsterdam design studio Meeusontwerpt.

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Alex Robbins is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, London. In 2010 he was selected as an Art Directors Club Young Gun, and made their list of the 50 most influential creatives aged under 30.

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Oslo-based graphic designer Ludvig Bruneau Rossow who toils under the name Bureau Bruneau has updated with some colorful projects since we last posted a link to his inspiring portfolio of work.

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“Print-process is the new sister company to the online print shop Blanka. Print-Process was born out of the concept of creating print in a more democratic and liberating way for our customers.

With Print-Process the idea is to give more power to the customer. We have 1 fixed price structure [depending on the size of print you order] and the artists all work democratically to the same system. The customer can choose the print they want to own, but now depending on their finances or the size of the space they live in, they can chose the same great work but now are able to specify the size and better control the price they pay. The work is all digitally made to order to the highest giclee print standard, and to keep the cost friendly for the customer, it is made to an open ended edition. Some prints by some artists, whilst open ended, may run to a limited time frame. We believe this is an interesting way of getting our unique design work out to our customers without compromising artists’ individual standards. Our aim is that this will be a liberating concept and fulfilling experience for both our artists and our customers.”

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Edit is a project in which each participating designer was asked to represent a musical genre using only one element and one typeface that clearly states the genre. The end result is a series of minimalist posters available for purchase.

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Brand design agency The Consult has been recently updating their exceptional portfolio with new examples of inspiring print pieces. They are very good at what they do and worth keeping tabs on.

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Design powerhouse Marque Creative has recently updated with some genuinely gorgeous new print work in their already highly esteemed portfolio. There is some truly inspiring work to behold in an amazing considered portfolio.

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Serse Rodríguez is a Barcelona based graphic designer and typographer who just relaunched his website and moved his URL. He’s got some fun and colorful work in his portfolio and has a lot of new projects posted.

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DesignBy.TwoPoints has updated with some exceptional work that is very inspiring. They are not afraid to experiment in the name of educational investigation to better themselves and refresh their bag of tricks for client commissioned work. It’s great to see a studio pushing themselves in such a manner and it’s easy to expect that TwoPoints is only going to get better with time.

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Little White Lies has put it’s ‘Tron Legacy‘ issue on the stands and it looks like an extra fun issue. There are some very relevant ‘Tron-inspired’ topics in this issue including: Why Hollywood stars are right to be afraid of the virtual actor’, ‘What can cinema teach us about the look and feel of our future world?’ and ‘The inside story on the making of the original TRON.’

Personally, I have never laid hands on an actual copy of Little White Lies but I’ve been told it’s a really well put together publication. As a commemorative part of this issue you can also purchase a print of the cover at the Little White Lies shop.

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Triboro is a design studio located in Brooklyn and consists of the husband and wife team of David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler. They have just relaunched their website where you will find a healthy portfolio of very well executed design project work.

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Workshop consists of two designers, Tom Pratt and Oliver Shaw, and one dog, Betty the beagle. They have some lovely typography and print work in their portfolio and look poised to be adding some even better work in the near future.

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