There is some beautiful Japanese-inspired art in the University of Iowa-trained and now Atlanta-based portfolio of painter and printmaker Jiha Moon. You could call it culturally-infused abstract-expressionistic surrealism.

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I just managed to somehow stumble upon Poster Cabaret this morning and was absolutely amazed at the treasure trove of great design and just beautifully composed posters ranging from art prints to gig posters within their vault. There is so much there I would like to take home that it will be tough to make up my mind. I will definitely be checking back to see what they stock in the future. Good way to decorate your home.

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I am really loving this ornamental alphabet poster by typographer Jessica Hische today. Wish I had the cash on hand to pick one up. Beautiful work.

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About Boxbird:
Boxbird was set up in February 2008 by print enthusiast Alice Teague and illustrator Graham Carter. Run from our own printing studio in Brighton Boxbird has fast become one of the premiere online galleries for exciting new talent, showcasing some of the UK’s finest illustrators, printmakers and fine artists including Fiona Hewitt, Zara Wood, Sally Elford, Ben Newman and many more.

I really like what these folks are doing and appreciate the model the have established. I have been thinking about doing something similar out of my studio here in Denver.

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Illustrator/artist Jason Asato emailed to let me know he has put up a series of 8.5 x 11 inch prints for sale entitled, ‘Ridonkulous‘. The prints are high quality and very reasonably priced. Asato has a pretty unique sense of humor that shines through his work and website.

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Have you ever wanted to own a print from Milton Glaser? Well ‘Milton Glaser Works‘ has got you covered with a series of Giclées in limited editions. The prints are numbered, signed and printed using archival ink and paper.

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Keep Calm Gallery emailed this morning to inform me of some new prints they have in stock featuring the typographical stylings of Seb Lester. They are really beautiful prints, and if I wasn’t broke I would definitely pick one up myself. One of the prints is really large and I am sure it is beautiful in person. Stunning typography work.

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Binth has some really nice prints including a larger-scale and smaller-scale series of one-of-a-kind prints that would make a great addition to anyone’s wall. Nothing like affordable art.

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The first 50 of these gumball machine prints (for a pretty reasonable $30) from Vault 49, in celebration of their 7th anniversary will feature glow in the dark ink. It’s a perfect addition to any design aficionado’s black-lit bedroom/bathroom.

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I was just informed that there are some new artists on the roster at the Few Gallery. I really like what they are doing. I may be doing something similar at the Changethethought Gallery in the near future.

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Rory Kurtz has new prints for sale not to mention an absolutely stunning body of illustration work. He has a great style.

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I ran across the work of illustrator Matias Vigliano today and really dig his style. He also has an Etsy shop with some really nice prints in it.

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The Central Illustration Agency has quite possibly one of the most clever names out there and now they also have a shop where you can pick up some seriously great prints from some really amazing illustrators.

After 25 years in the business they have built quite the arsenal of illustrators. Here is a list of just some of the artists you can now find prints from: Artists include Sir Peter Blake, Nathan Fox, Christpher Brown, Tom Bagshaw, McFaul, Johnny Hardstaff, plus many more!

Each print is signed & numbered, a limited edition of 10, using archival quality inks & printed on 100% cotton Somerset paper.

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Some absolutely gorgeous Japanese prints comprise the portfolio of the talented artist Tenmyoya Hisashi.

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inPRNT now has some nice prints from Designer/Illustrator Nazario Graziano. There are some nice prints there coming in several sizes. Nazario also has updated his site with some nice work since the last I checked in on him.

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Some nice prints for sale at Good Shape Design. I am hoping to move into a house soon and I think the one above would look pretty good hanging up on my wall.

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Product of God has prints from all your favorite designers and illustrators and I didn’t do any legwork to find out but my guess if Big Active might have a hand in it. Just a guess though deduced by the list of artists. I am pretty fond of the Kate Gibb prints but my favorite one (above left) is already sold out.

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Alakazam is getting crazy with the cheez-whiz if you know what I’m saying. Crazy prints, t-shirts, zines and art exhibitions. Seizure inducing yet radically wild art goodness.

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