Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins is a popular painter on the so-called ‘lowbrow’ scene but his amazing paintings are really transcending his audience and becoming something more akin to fine art. He is an amazing draftsman and the detail in his recent work is just stunning. He continues to grow and evolve into a bigger and better talent.

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Artist Eric Yahnker has updated with some new and oh-so-very strange psychedelic charcoal drawings. I just kind of got caught up in staring at the above image just trying to decipher what I was seeing in my mind. Yahnker possesses a not only an impressive talent but a truly unique imagination.

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NY based photographer and Yale graduate David Benjamin Sherry has updated with several new images for 2010, all of which are strange, psychedelic and introspective. His work continues to evolve and I would imagine he will be lining up the exhibitions in the future.

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Moonassi artist statement:
“I draw something I’d like to draw and I can draw well. I draw people because that’s what I’d like to talk about. I prefer to draw in a small scale as I wish to capture my everyday thoughts and feelings during a limited time of the day. If I think I want to touch you my drawing reflects that thought. I draw an act that I’m upsetting you if
I think I want to distress you.

The reason why these ephemeral and scattered thoughts are so significant for me is that I can see myself as a tiny fraction like those thoughts, and also I’m the collection of those fractions. I’m the mundane being, a sort of dust everywhere. I’m anyone or anything in anywhere. I want to sweep and gather all those tiny little fractions on paper so as not to be scattered.”

The drawings of Moonassi are absolutely divine. I could only imagine how a large series of them would look hanging in a gallery. Beautifully contemplative work.

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Photographer Alexandra Valenti captures a feeling from a bygone era with washed out images, naked babies, hippy garb and rainbow tints that take you back to an era about music, love and drugs. Ahh the good old days. It’s not too late to bring them back no?

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I saw some of San Francisco based artist Jesse Balmer’s work in the recent issue of Juxtapoz and was reminded how much I like his personal brand of pop-psychedelia. There is some new work in his Flickrfolio to check out. It’s just a shame it isn’t posted at a little larger of a scale to show some of the detail of his imagery.

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I have previously featured the work of artist Kora Krit but I believe this may be a new website showcasing some of his very unusual and original clothing. Either way, his fascinating t-shirt designs are still worth a second look.

A little more about the artist:
“Previously known as “Pissingsquirrel”, “Kora-Krit” is a collection of tees, hoodies and fashion items made by Korakrit Arunanondchai. Korakrit loves having fun and hopes that people who wear his inventions will feel the same too.”

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Illustrator Kristina Collantes has been written about on this blog several times but damn it all if she doesn’t just keep updating with such cool illustration work. She keeps growing and expanding her style and she very recently added a psychedelic Fantastic Planet inspired set of candy colored images that are exceptionally fun to look at. I had to let you know about them because I love them and would love to hang the whole set in my studio.

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Malice in Wonderland is the work of experimental animator Vince Collins. The short film was made in 1983 but it without a doubt one of the most trippy animation sequences ever released to the public. Don’t play this one if you have your boss looking over your shoulder. If you are into psychedelic art, prepare for some serious mind-blowing inspiration.

Via Lost at E Minor.

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Kora Krit creates some wildly colorful psychedelic abstract artwork that translates very nicely onto clothing.

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Steve Scott is the London-based illustrator responsible for that kick ass throwback Birdy Nam Nam that circulated the blogosphere and airwaves a few months back.

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Alex Passapera is an illustrator/fine artist based out of New York. He has some downright wild, as in pretty awesome drawings in his portfolio. It’s either the stuff of dreams or nightmares. Maybe nightmares. But still awesome.

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Make a statement, or possibly induce a seizure, at the very least inspire an acid flashback with a crazy scarf from Trust Fun.

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Return as an Animal is a short film directed by Bruno Dicolla.

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Leif Podhajsky is an artist and designer, co-running AND a graphic design and art direction studio in Melbourne Australia.”

Some of his work will look familiar because I recently posted about And but there is some interesting work in Leif’s book unique unto himself. I definitely appreciate the psychedelic trip he pushes on within his work.

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Mary Virginia Carmack generates some very strange and fascinating psychedelic paper collages.

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Trippy and totally awesome photography spilling over in the Flickr-folio of Neil Krug. Every single photograph is seriously radical. I love them all.

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