Swedish photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson sees no limit to what combining image making with manipulation can allow the creator to achieve. In essence he uses retouching to turn his photos into art. Many of them are exercises in surrealism and are a lot of fun to look at.

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Jonas Eriksson has some really beautiful photo retouching/manipulation in his portfolio.

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Bright glowing neon colors light up the portfolio of photographer, video director & digital retoucher James Sutton. Sutton had a very successful 2007 with a nomination for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. His videos have also recently graced the playlist of MTV. Does MTV still play music videos?

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Jill Greenberg is a rare photographer with a keen eye and a penchant for dramatic irony. Her images are always gorgeous and strike right to the core of the artistic heart. She is one-of-a-kind and sought out by some of the most famous people in the world to immortalize their image. She has updated her site since I last checked it and it is now spilling over with spectacular imagery. All of it is gorgeous and intensely inspiring.

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Platinum is a retouching and image manipulation studio based in Brazil that we have worked with in the past at Cactus. They did an amazing job and since have literally blown-up into a rock start studio capable producing mind-numbingly amazing imagery. They have updated their site since I last checked in and their is a lot of work their now. Their site is a little frustrating but if you have the patience you will be greeted by vivid waves of intense colors and stunning visuals. Their work is really really impressive.

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