Robert Hardgrave A.K.A. Farmer Bob has kept at it and is still updating with his unique brand of abstract expressionism. That’s probably not the right term for what he does but it will at least start the conversation in describing his work.

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Painter Robert Hardgrave continues to evolve his work into something really extraordinary and beautiful and some of his recent works available at the Joshua Liner Gallery are stunning studies in color and form. I was really taken by some of his latest works.

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Another great art print is available for a really reasonable price at the Black Market Gallery from Robert Hardgrave. His work just keeps getting better and better. Beautiful work and print.

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Farmer Bob’s Farm is the work of painter, Robert Hardgrave. It has been a long while since I last thumbed through his abstract work and a visit to Computer Love reminded me of his enormous talent today. His work has really evolved since the last time I saw it and has taken on a more dimensional quality with overlaying translucent colors. The effect is really stunning and the amount of detail in the work is impressive. It plays out something like a subjective post-modern impression of Kandinsky.

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