Russian illustrator, designer and motionographer Vladimir Tomin has some fun work in both his home website portfolio at Space Jump and also in his Behance-folio. The above image was apparently made photographing cereal and vegetables.

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Russian photographer Olya Ivanova gets up close and personal with her subjects and captures them as they are with no added frills. The end result is often contemplative, completely human and personally introspective.

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Sicksystems is a personal art project of a Moscow-based graphic artist Aske. Though initially founded in 2003 as a graffiti crew, over the years the Sicksystems evolved into a versatile creative trio, and in 2009 it became a personal project of its founder and the most active member Aske. This site displays only Aske’s personal works.

Aske started his artistic career in 2000 as a graffiti writer, and soon enough he got involved in graphic design, modern graphics, illustration, typography and many more. He is also a Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of the best Russian graffiti magazine CODE RED.”

Aske has just updated his site with some new and very stylistic work. He has taken a new approach lately that you can see represented in his most recent illustration works. He has also recently banged out some project work for Nike and Stussy. His work made a big splash when it first hit the net a year or so back and he is still one to watch in the future.

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The random experimentation happening at Data Driven Decision Making just keeps getting more random and more experimental. I didn’t really know if it was possible but I have been proven wrong as the psychedelic rabbit hole seems to just keep stretching out even further every time I check back. Wild but oh so good.

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SBSS which I think sometimes stands for ‘Space Based Space Surveillance’ is also the name of Russian graphic designer and illustrator Sergey Sbss. He takes a ‘geometric-pop’ approach to his work that results in some eye candy colorways.

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Artem Gridin doesn’t have any information about himself at his website but what he does have is some very nice poster work with a rather unique and playfully experimental take on typography.

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Although I have posted the work of Russian illustrator/designer Alexandre Efimov before, there are a few new bits and bobs in his portfolio that are technically masterful enough to warrant another look at his work.

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Russian artist Stas Chepurnov has a strange cache of work including the above installation that is hypnotic. His work is a mix of pop and reactionary cynicism to popular culture with a particular fascination for HD television. How cool would it be to have the above installation in your home or studio (a good client distraction at least)?

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IAMMAGO has been updated with a slick and highly stylize new interface that boldly presents the work in the biggest way possible. Magomed is Russia, Grozny (Chechnya) and established himself within the last 2 years as a hot digital illustration talent with a flair for gooey vector imagery. He has been working for some big names in the industry lately and ironically our paths have crossed on some client projects a few times without him or I even realizing it. I am a fan of his work and have been for some time.

He is presently searching for a 2011 internship in Germany but I think he should be aiming a little higher for something like say an Art Director position at least. You can do it Magomed, you have plenty of talent.

Thanks for the comment tip about his new website from our reader ‘Peter’.

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I can’t exactly tell you what all is going on at Data Driven Decision Makin because the ‘about’ section leaves you so confused you might just end up in the middle of an acid flashback. What I can tell you, is that there is some fantastic psychedelic-pop collage happening that is very fun to look at and totally trippy.

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Russian illustrator Yana Moskaluk doesn’t really have much of anything to say about herself so she lets her work do the talking for her. She has a style that settles somewhere between art nouveau and manga and I would hazard a guess that if she sold a print or two, they would look very nice hung on a wall.

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Russian artist and illustrator Eika Dopludo has some nice pencil work in her Behance-folio but the standout is definitely this hand drawn alphabet. Each letterform is it’s own work of art and you can see all of them one-by-one here.

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Russian illustrator, artist and photo retoucher Grape Frogg is responsible for some remarkable images that really spark the imagination. Frogg is a multi-talented and you can see an interesting array or work in the Frogg Behance-folio.

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Moscow-based graphic and motion designer Serge Zavyalov has a lot of work on his website executed in various styles. His imagery often harbors the ready-to-burst kinetic energy that helps it translate directly into motion.

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There is some stunning examples of imaginative vector illustration in the portfolio of Moscow-based, Zutto.

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Russian photographer Varya Vedeneeva, takes some very candid shots primarily of people and manages to capture momentarily something very personal in her subjects.

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Alexsander Kostenko has some really well executed and expressive black and white character illustration work in his Behance-folio. Really great line work.

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Ilya Plotnikov & Alexandra Zaharova run Doberman Photography Studio. Their imagery often tells a story while invoking a mood and a tangible sense of environment. Their remarkable use of lighting and composition results in each image being crafted as it’s own individual work of art.

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