Sam Green has been an influence in the past on my approach to illustration work. For a time I would work first in graphite and finish my imagery in Photoshop to create a soft look as is what I suspect Green does to generate his imagery. Green is the master of this approach though and he continues to evolve the style into even more rich and surreal imagery. He has recently updated his portfolio with more of the same goodness and a browse will no doubt yield a heavy dose of inspiration for those looking to break into the world of contemporary illustration.

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Illustrator Sam Green has updated with a new website and a few new images of illustration created for recent projects. I am still loving what he is producing.

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Creative writer Matthew Newton has a great interview up with Sam Green at the moment. He’s one of my favorite illustrators and has been from since he started. He’s an interesting character and seems like a cool guy as well. Newton is doing an amazing job with the interviews at Cpluv and checking back to his column is always a good idea for the design and illustration-inclined. It’s nice to see a serious journalist taking the time to highlight some of our industry’s more unique talent.

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Sam Green has updated yet again with more exceptional illustration work. It appears as though he also updated his website as well (going the Cargo route). I have to admit that I am becoming a huge fan of Green’s work. He’s definitely one of my favorites from the last few years. He keeps getting better and his work continues to mature and become more interesting.

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Central St Martins College graduate Sam Green has continued to updated his portfolio with some truly beautiful illustration work that combines both pencil and digital to achieve some inspiring imagery. His raw talent has provided him some exciting opportunities as of late to work for some amazing clients.

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