London based design studio Sawdust has already uploaded some new work in this new year for mediaPro. It’s a simply designed, yet strikingly bold saddle stitched little diddy. Yum. Print.

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Sawdust has recently completed the design for ‘Genesis of a deep sound’. It’s the latest album from ‘Fabrice Lig’ on label Fine Art recordings and is now available on CD and 12” vinyl. A custom typeface was created specifically for the project and the front of the record has graphic indicators overlaid onto the image that when matched to the back spell the word ‘Genesis’.

Sawdust has been cranking out some really great work lately that reminds me a bit of Non-Format. They are also damn good self promoters as not only we but a lot of the design blogs receive an update whenever they complete a project. Smart.

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London based graphic design duo Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton who labor under the name Sawdust have recently updated with some new project work including a new poster for independent music artist Angel-A.

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Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton have relaunched their website and refreshed their portfolio at Sawdust. Their cover of Novum served as a nice reminder to me as to where my priorities should be while I start my own studio.

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Not sure if the piece above is new or not (but I really liked it), regardless Sawdust has updated with some really nice work.

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