Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti is responsible for some of the most amazing, striking and provacative sculpture and object art that I have seen in some time. It’s a little bit of sex with a touch of violence mixed up with whole lotta pop. I think I like it.

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I was just really impressed by the wood-carving sculpture work of German artist Gehard Demetz today. His work is just a marvel to behold. His craftsmanship and the contemplative nature of his work is truly an inspiration. Although he does have his own website, the best way to take in his work is through a simple Google image search.

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A vividly colorful and fascinating blend of sculpture, installation and photography await your inspired-viewing within the portfolio of imaginative artisan, Chrissie Macdonald.

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Sculptor, Thom Puckey has been in the art game for a long time and his experience shows in his masterfully crafted and provocative sculptures. Sex, violence and an air of classical greek sculpture combine to create a lasting image etching it’s way into the viewers psyche. Powerful and inspiring work.

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Sculptor, Heather Jansch has achieved some stunning works made from driftwood. Her biggest hero is Leonardo da Vinci and one of her true passions is her love of horses.

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Carsten Höller makes things I can hardly understand. I guess I can more understand them as objects but how he makes them and how he arrives at the decision to make them is much more a mystery to me. He has a doctorate in biology and you can see the scientific mind at work in his art. One thing is certain, everything he makes is definitely high art.

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Sculptor Peter Jansen originally studied Physics and Philosophy. His work aims to capture sequences of human movements within a single frame of space and time.

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Jim is a ‘skull artist‘ pure and simple. I think a lot of people are over the whole skull thing but there is something more contemporary about Jim’s art that seems to draw more influence from ancient and even pagan ritualistic art.

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I am really amazed and impressed by the silicon sculpture work of artist Sam Jinks. It is a little frightening too look at but there is something deeply contemplative and haunting about it. The singularity of the isolated figures draws you into serious thought on the human condition.

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Artist Ryan Browning is based in Baltimore and has some really interesting work consisting of hex-like wooden structure sculptures as well as what I guess I would describe as psychedelic surrealist landscapes with a strong emphasis on geometric structures. All and all there is some really striking images in his body of work that definitely provoke the imagination.

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“Brazilian design graduate Jorge Lopes Dos Santos has developed a way of making physical models of foetuses using data from ultrasound, CT and MRI scans.”

Wow. This is really creepy and bizarre. I am not entirely sure how to even interpret this. It’s a whole new kind of art. You can read up on this one-of-a-kind project at Dezeen.

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Sculptor AJ Fosik is currently exhibiting at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco until July 10th. His psychedelic sculptures are really unusual and constructed sometimes from found objects and wood tiles. He had a studio here in Denver briefly at the Andenken gallery that I took over for a short time after he moved to Philadelphia. He left behind a bunch of really cool old boom boxes and some choice tapes that I ended up taking with me when I left the studio. I still have the boom boxes in my office at Cactus.

If you can make it to White Walls, stop by to check out his work. It isn’t really like much of anything else that is out in the so-called ‘lowbrow’ art scend and definitely leaves an impression on the viewer.

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Artist/Sculptor Xavier Veilhan has updated with more of his unique and amazing work including this sculptural piece, entitled Sophie that was created for the restaurant Le Germain. The work is so large that it starts at the ground floor and peaks through to the second floor. Its installation art that no doubt must be experienced to be appreciated in it’s entirety.

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Michael Ferris Jr. creates sculptures are portraits based on actual people that are made of recycled wood with pigmented grout. They look fascinating. He also creates works on paper that are equally visually stunning.

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“Claire Morgan was born in Belfast. She attended University of Ulster and Northumbria University where she achieved a first class degree in Sculpture. She is now based in London.

Since graduating she has pursued a career solely as a visual artist. She has exhibited internationally, with solo shows, residencies and commissions across the UK, as well as group exhibitions in Europe. At an early stage she developed a strong interest in the organic, in natural processes, and in the bodily connotations of natural materials. This formed the basis for her practice as an artist creating sculptural installations and continues to influence her work at present.”
More about Claire Morgan and her unbelievably complex and amazing installation work here.

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I can’t tell you much about artist Simon Schubert because his website is in German. What I can tell you however, is that his work is some of the more interesting artwork I have come across in some time. Looking through it is a brain-melting experience. I only wish I could see it in person to obtain the full effect.

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Alex McLeod is responsible for some highly unusual art installations*.

*Correction: I received a little comment from Alex stating that these are in fact CGI prints, not actual photos of installations. Still interesting and exceptional work nonetheless.

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Really strange but compelling sculptures from the highly imaginative artist Andrew Barton. I would love to have one of these at home. Very fine art indeed.

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