The sculptural artwork of David Altmejd is utterly bizarre yet absolutely fascinating. I would absolutely love to see some of it in person. He is definitely an exciting talent.

Here is a quick little quote pulled from the link:
“the unusual nature of altmejd’s work is perhaps one of the key reasons behind his quick rise to prominence. figures made from an assortment of plaster, morphed mannequin parts, animal heads, crystals and birds are his primary subject. he combines these things together to create a fantastical world that plays with the conventions of reality.”

To read the rest and see more photos of his intense work head over to Design Boom.

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I am really digging some of the art in the portfolio of Nadine Byrne. The wearable textile sculptures in particular are really intriguing.

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Let me proudly introduce you to the bizarre and awesome world of artist Nina Levy.

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I gotta get me one of these.

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Sebastian Brajkovic is an unusual artist who has managed to blur the lines between graphics, sculpture and furniture creating an unusual and exciting artform that is all his own. I am sure you have seen the above image out there floating in the blogosphere but if you have yet to look at his work it is well worth a gander.

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I first noticed Ben Beaudoin’s crazy wild sculptures on FFFFound and then again over at Booooooom and realized I better get on the train and tell you about him and his unusual talent. Definitely someone to keep an eye on because I have little doubt he will produce something equally interesting in the future.

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Who knew you could craft such totally original and absolutely bizarre art out of ceramic? Really cool work and totally unique work from Tomas Schneider.

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The weird, wonderful and (let’s be honest) slightly disturbing inner-world combined with a unique slant on the outer-world from the inarguably fascinating mind of Olaf Breuning.

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Interview and updates from the hot young art talent, Jen Stark.

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Gorgeous work from the enormously talented Zoe Bradley combining sculpture, fashion and theatre. Absolutely arresting and stunning.

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It is going to take me a while to get the images of the sculptural pieces in Patricia Piccinini’s latest exhibit at the Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery out of my mind. Fantastic yet incredibly disturbing at the same time. Especially with the use of small children. Bizarre and awesome.

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Ann P. Smith makes animatronic robots. Her robots are sold in stores and galleries throughout the US and have been published as illustrations in magazines and brochures. Her clients include Chevron lubricants division, Cricket Magazine, and Cicada Magazine. Ann’s illustrations have been selected to appear in the Communications Arts Illustration Annual #337, and the American Illustration 25 Annual. Recently, She has received both local and international recognition from Wired Magazine (US), PBS Boston, DPI Magazine in Taiwan, Architectural Digest (Germany), GQ Germany, and The Discovery Channel Canada.

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Osang Gwon

I just read an article about this new album art for the band Keane, featuring life size sculptural representations of the band members, by artist Osang Gwon. The process is based on two-dimensional photography turned to a three-dimensional presence by mapping out every angle of the model. Although the process looks to be – no doubt – incredibly laborious, the result is absolutely stunning!

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Wow, I mean wow, I am just loving, absolutely loving the Analogue Miniatures from artist Dan McPharlin. I love all of his work actually but I really really love the analogue miniatures. They are brilliant. Just brilliant.

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Minimally austere structural sculpture by French artist Valerie Collart.

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Peeta is a graffiti artist from Venice, Italy who started out in 1993. He is member of the EAD crew in Padova, Italy, and is also a part of the FX and RWK crew in NYC.

His work goes beyond the canvas into sculpture but the really interesting thing about his canvas work is his ability to visualize the letterforms dimensionally. He enhances this with shadows and splatters and the end result is really original.

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“Flesh, blood, excrement, the human skeleton, animal carcasses and DNA as an
information storage system are among quinn’s favorite subjects; but they give rise
to intensely meaningful expressive forms using the eternal perfection of white marble,
pharmaceutical products, wax suffused with blood, and cryogenically frozen flowers.”

You can see Marc Quinn’s work in person at:
Galerie Hopkins-Custot at Fiac
Paris, France
October 23-26, 2008

Fascinating sculptures.

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Ryan Johnson was born in 1978 in Karachi, Pakistan. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He recently exhibited at Guild and Greyshkul at 28 Wooster Street in New York, NY.

I really like some of his work. It’s very contemporary. The energy conveyed in the sculpture above is palpable. It’s a highly original piece of art.

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