“This video won the 2nd prize in the fiction category for the ‘Hazlo en Corto-metraje’ competition in Mexico this year. It’s about a hero who has to fall on hard times before discovering his true calling.”

By Juan E. Bedolla.

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There are 6 more of these, all of which you can find by browsing here. As fantastic as this one is, trust me it is worth watching the other 6 for their inspirational value alone. Thank you to Danny Jelinek.

Credits for this episode:
short works by:
Justin Roiland
Robyn Von Swank
Mike McCafferty
Danny Jelinek
Jason Whetzell

Hosted by:
Sophie Kipner

Created by:
Jason Whetzell
Danny Jelinek

Associate Producer:
Sevan Najarian

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“‘CITY OF LAKES’ is as much a documentary about what it means to return to the birthplace of one’s ancestors, as it is an exploration of the Hindu faith, and the rituals of a Hindu marriage. Central to this is the Ganesh puja, which in simple terms, is a prayer over a fire believed to invoke the spirit of Ganesh, a great deity and protector, who can remove all obstacles from one’s path. The puja is performed several times in the film and carries great significance to the plot and characters in both literal and metaphoric ways.”

There is a lot more to this and a much more in depth explanation at the Vimeo Page for the City of Lakes short film but the short of it is that it is a beautifully accomplished effort and it’s great to see it in full length, and in high quality on the net. I suggest plugging this one into your HDTV if you have one.

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The short film Nuit Blanche explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy.

Direction and cinematography by: Arev Manoukian

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This is one slick little experimental short musical video by Beeple.

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There are some beautiful bits happening in this experimental short film by Sean Vicary.

“The coastal landscape of West Wales provides the setting for this short film. Animation,music and photography are juxtaposed in order to explore the liminal space between land and sea.

The film has evolved from an original piece produced as part of an audio-visual performance with the composer Tom Middleton at the National Film Theatre, London.”

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The Third and the Seventh‘ is a full-CG animated piece that aims to illustrate the art of architecture from a photographic point of view. After watching the beautiful short film above you can watch a compositing breakdown created by the film’s very talented director/producer/animator Alex Roman.


|Modelling – Texturing – Illumination – Rendering| Alex Roman

|Postproduction & Editing| Alex Roman

Sequenced, Orchestrated & Mixed by Alex Roman (Sonar & EWQLSO Gold Pro XP)
Sound Design by Alex Roman
Based on original scores by:
Michael Laurence Edward Nyman. (The Departure)
Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns. (Le Carnaval des animaux)

Directed by Alex Roman

Produced with 3dsmax, Vray, AfterEffects and Premiere.

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This old Polaroid SX-70 promotional film was was produced by Charles and Ray Eames and it is a genuine piece of nostalgia from simpler days gone by.

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This is a just a great little piece of 3D animation.

Written and Directed by: Rodrigo Blaas
Produced by: Cecile Hokes
Music: Mastretta
Art Director: Alfonso Blaas
Lighting Supervisor: Jonatan Catalán
Character Technical Supervisor: Jaime Maestro
Character Design: Bolhem Bouchiba, Carlos Grangel,
Sergio Pablos, Santi Agustí
Animation: Daniel Peixe, ManueBover, Remi Hueso
Sound Design: Tom Myers and David Hughes
Post Production Coordinator: David Heras
Special Thanks: Keytoon, Next Limit, UserT38

Full credits: almashortfilm.com

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We Have Decided Not To Die is a short film by writer/director/producer Daniel Askill. You can read an interview with Askill conducted by Sarah Runcie, the AFC Film Development Administration Officer at the We Have Decided Not To Die website. I will leave you with a pull quote explanation of the film below:

We Have Decided Not To Die is an unusual short film. A modern day allegorical triptych, three figures under go transformation through three rituals. Though not a story in any conventional sense, We Have Decided Not To Die succeeds in taking audience on an emotional journey. Aurally intriguing, often stunning and always beautiful, Danielís short film has been winning fans from around the festival circuit.

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“A short skateboard video from Salazar Productions featuring, Bradley Sheppard, Alien, Nate Lacoste, Chris Connolly, Nate Roline, Stacy Gabriel, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Klinkhamer and Rob Rickaby.”

Directed By Liam Mitchell
Shot By Nathan Drillot and Liam Mitchell

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“Do not adjust your mind. There is a fault in reality.” This clever little video is worth a post for that brilliant quote alone.

Design and Direction :weareom: – weareom.com
Lighting by David Lee – davidleedop.com
Production by studioset – studioset.tv
Post Production by :weareom: – weareom.com
Sound by Alin Flaidar – studioset.tv
Starring Vlad Grigorescu – vladgrigorescu.com

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Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Editor: Tim Bollinger
Cinematographer: Daniel Meinl
Sounddesign: Michael Fakesch designingsounds.com
More here:

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“A man travels through his senses, and through the other’s body, discovers his own.”

Created for the Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards.

Written & Directed by: Jean-Julien Pous & Denis Huneau
Starring: Kim Captein, Sam Azami
Producer: Raymond van der Kaaij
Production assistant: Dijana Olcay-Hot
Director of Photography: Gregg Telussa
Sound design: Jean-Julien Pous
Gaffer: Adriaan van de Polder
Stills Photographer: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan
Body Painter: Ferry Zeeman
Runners: Jasper Bakker, Dave Bras
Visual Effects: Gilles Brinkhuizen, Denis Huneau, Jean-Julien Pous
Visual Effects Assistants: Sylvain Jorget, Caroline Voglaire, Jean-Michel Trauscht

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This really made me want to travel to and just hang out in Beijing. You can read more about the project here.

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I am a little late on this one, but this has been all around the blogosphere and for good reason, it’s a pretty slick little film project both conceptually and in execution. The end result is really impressive and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. ‘Neurosonics Audiomedical’ was directed by Chris Cairns and you can gather up all of the credits and details, as well as a lot of making of photos at the official website for the project.

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When considering this entire short film was created by way of stop motion animation created with stills shot from a camera hung from the ceiling pointing straight at the floor, you just have to kind of look at it in awe and be inspired.

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Great little video directed by Chris Milk. I can still remember the first time I saw panties and was punched in the face by an angry Pauly Shore. Ahh the good ole days.

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