Sid Lee is a phenom of an agency that is cranking out rock solid creative for everything from retail space design, motion, live action, art direction, branding and graphic design. All of it is good. It’s Snoop Dog with a light saber good. Yes you heard me right.

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“We animated this spot for the official 2010 Gaz Metro campaign, we’re really proud of this piece. We worked crazy hours all through the night & with a ton of real chalk and paint to create this stop motion madness. Enjoy and please let us know what you think. Stay tuned for a making-of doc”

Wow, who knew what you could do with chalk?

Client: Gaz Metro
Agency: Sid Lee (Jimmy Lee)
Direction: Jérémie Saindon
Production: QuatreZeroUn
Animation Direction: Fred Caron
Animation: Fred Caron, Sylvie Trouvé, Dale Hayward
Post Production: Mokko Studio
To learn more about the creators visit:

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Sid Lee conceives brand experiences-by creating products, services and spaces-and markets them through advertising, experiential marketing, branded content and interactive communications. Commercial creativity is how we define this novel integrated multidisciplinary approach.”

Wow, that was a bit of a mouthful. To cut to the chase, Sid Lee has one hell of a slick website and some really attention-grabbing contemporary work in their book.

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