Madrid based graphic designer/illustrator Vicente García Morillo has a very unusual style. It’s a bit retro-inspired but there is something different going on that is definitely unique. It will be interesting to see where his work goes as his portfolio progresses.

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Madrid based freelance illustrator and graphic artist Gary Fernández uses a muted color palette to create his organic retro/fashion inspired imagery. His work is absolutely striking in a gallery setting as can be seen at his website. Fernández is also the co-founder and of the T-shirt brand Velvet Banana.

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Spanish design and branding studio Anagrama has added a lot of work to their portfolio since I last posted about them and browsed through their book. There is some excellent design and typography work coming out of this studio and picking through their projects will yield a heavy dose of inspiration.

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Jorge León is a graphic designer based in Las Palmas GC, Spain. He loves what he does for a living and is currently seeking new project work. He has some nice work in his book not the least of which includes the album cover above for Tits Like Buffalos. I can personally guarantee that is probably the best band name you will hear today.

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Spanish designer Fernando Suárez Carballo has a real love for graphic design and has consequently gathered some of his favorite examples from various agencies and designers in his Flickr pages. It’s a large archive and it’s brimming over with inspiration.

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It was only a couple of months ago that I mentioned illustrator Ricardo Fumanal but he has been busy since. His already smooth fashion-related/inspired drawing work continues to get even silkier (great adjective that’s so rarely called for). Fumanal was ‘born in Huesca in 1984 and moved to London after cultivating his youthful spirit in Barcelona and Madrid’. Damn that sounds cool doesn’t it? I was born in Nebraska and cultivated my spirit (whatever the hell that means) in Denver, Colorado. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? I spent a week in Barcelona and a couple of days in London a few months ago, and all I can think about is going back (any projects in London/Barcelona anyone?). Fumanal’s coolness translates into his work as it is expertly executed and manifested with a sensitivity to craft that maintains a dash of fine art (all kidding aside).

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Photographer and visual artist Gustavo Lopez Mañas has been making some waves around the creative blogosphere lately with his cover and photo-art series titled ‘Avatars’ for Coilhouse Magazine. There is good cause for the buzz, as you can tell by browsing the image series as he managed to realize some beautiful images and elaborate costumes. You can view the entire series at Lopez’s Behance-folio.

Lopez was born and educated in Granada and awarded 2nd prize in the category of Music by the International Photography Awards in New York and took gold from the Lux Photography Awards in 2005 and 2008.

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Barcelonian design agency Ruiz + Company have updated their website and portfolio. Choosing something from their body of work to represent them is nearly impossible. Every single project is impeccably produced and no-doubt analyzed and toiled over to the most minute detail. That is probably the reason for their long list of impressive awards that includes gold Clios, Gold from the New York Art Directors Club, Gold from the London International Advertising Awards and Silver from the Cannes International Advertising Festival. That is only a few of the awards they have won. If you are looking for some inspiration today, this will probably do the trick. Beautiful design. What are they putting in the water in Barcelona? I was just there, and I hope I brought some of whatever it is back with me.

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Barcelonian graphic designer Eduardo del Fraile has updated with a new website. There is some strikingly beautiful design work in his portfolio. Who knew a can of paint could look so good? Eduardo did.

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Medusateam sent me a note to let me know they had uploaded a new showreel to checkout. It looks pretty slick to me.

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Madrid-based graphic designer Espaun256 (Tomás Peña) has some really nice work in his portfolio. Yes, there are some triangles, but damn if they don’t look cool.

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Barcelona design agency Vasava has updated with what looks like a new website and several new examples of project work. I will be in Barcelona the week after next and I just cannot wait. I was thinking of dropping in on these guys and saying hello.

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Carlos Jimenez and Roger Gual got in touch to inform me that they have recently updated their portfolio at Vanila BCN with more colorful and crazy illustration work. Freehand will never die.

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There is some beautiful work in the Flickr-folio of Spanish illustrator/artist Lagolo who seems comfortable seamlessly moving from pen and paper to digital.

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Here is a fun little reel of motion graphics inspired by your favorite vintage genre of film, from the questionably named agency, Pornographics.

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Spanish design studio Anagrama has some clean and cracking work in their new and updated online portfolio.

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I think I may have written about the Spanish design firm, Medusa Team before in the past but I stumbled across their Behance and Flickr portfolios today and found a lot of fun and colorful work encompassing typography, design and illustration.

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Spanish painter Salustiano has a new series of ‘red’ paintings available for viewing at his site. They are beautifully composed and strikingly simple.

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