Fluffy McCloud is a short film about man’s misunderstanding and mixed relationship with mother nature. It was created by Conor Finnegan for his graduate film at IADT National Film School. It was created by mixing stop-motion, live action and hand drawn animation. Conor is currently living and looking for work in NYC.

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Oh Shy the Sun will wonders never cease. I am not entirely sure what to make of this but it’s definitely got something to do with art. Beneath the video at the Vimeo page is this poem:

“The Lord made a big mistake,
To make the world from layer cake,
He cast a spell to see it bake
So tides will swell and plates will shake.

So If you ever wonder why;
Moun-tains erupt and fishes die.
Beyond the clouds beyond the sky;
beyond the oven is a watchful eye.”

– Christian Netherwood
The Molotain Bog (1908 )

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Patrick Boivin was recently responsible for the web hit ‘Ironbaby‘ which I never did post has released the above video which is also sure to become a hit in it’s own right. He explains that there were two things he wanted as a child but never got, ‘a real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker’. I had and still have a ton of Star Wars toys but never did manage to cop an AT-AT Walker either.

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This little skulltastic stop-motion diddy was directed by Jack.

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This is the first animation clip produced by Tant and Unga of the ‘Broken Fingaz‘ graffiti crew from Israel. Be sure to drop by their website after the video to see more of their work.

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Here’s a nice stop-motion (the trend continues) music video by: Jesse Brown of Papervspencil and Christian Hansen of Internationalfilingsystems for Grieves & Budo’s single ‘Cloud Man’.

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Tobias Stretch spends some serious time moving some strange puppets for the single ‘Gig’ by folksy-pleasant musician Brian Goss.

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“Evil Dead remake with clay and done in 60 seconds, made for the Empire Jameson competition 2010.

More at Missinghead.

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The music for this short film was made entirely from sounds recorded from a collection of antique cameras. The imagery is comprised of over six thousand still photos shot and edited together via stop motion animation.

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It’s pretty much impossible not to like and appreciate the amount of work that went into creating this little stop motion video. You might recognize the guys in the video from I Love Local Commercials. It gets a little self-promo heavy at the end but that’s part of the genius behind these two gents, they just know how to market themselves.

Via my brothers-in-arms at Joyengine.

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“I drift, half awake, half asleep. Moving through the city I recall but have never been to.”

This short film was made by Mustard Cuffins using a digital stills to create stop motion animation.

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This is just a really great video for a really great song. There isn’t much more you can say than that. Once again, stop motion reigns supreme in 2009 and this is probably one of the year’s best examples. The art direction is top notch. Beautiful work.

Full credits (and there’s a lot of them):
Created By: Exploding Motor Car
Producer: Geoff Mclean
Production Company: Vision Film Co
Animation Director: Brett Long
Stop Motion Animator: Mike Weiss
Production Designers: Winston Hacking, Jeff Garcia, Daijaro Hama
Live Action DP: Barry Cheong
Stop-Mo DP: Drew Fortier
Editor: Marc De Pape
Post FX: Jesse Ewles
1st AC: Julia Seidman
Gaffer: Cliff Ramnauth
Makeup: Kenji Sato
Sets+Prop Builders: Martin Macpherson, Jay Graham

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“Stop-motion film, written, animated, & directed by Dan Blank. Winner of Los Angeles Film Festival (Best Short, 2002), 2002 Student Academy Award (Bronze) & 2003 Student Emmy Award (Gold).

In August of 1945, in a closing chapter of the second World War, a blinding flash lit the sky over Hiroshima. The places that were shielded from that searing light became permanent shadows on the city’s walls and streets, while the city itself was decimated. “Shadowplay” is the story of Akio, a shadow of a young boy, who wanders the city searching for his family, while trying to make sense of the unfathomable atrocity.”

Produced by Dan Blank & Cynthia Allen
Cast: Jennifer Kato, Takeo Matsushita, Jun Kim, Ako.
Music: Ryan Shore

You can learn more about the creator and the project here.

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Wow. This is wild. The colors, motion and art direction are all just wild. Can we officially call 2009 the year of stop motion yet?

Matthias Sturm: myspace.com/lucifermusique
Directed by Tobias Stretch: tobystretch.com

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“We Have Band – You Came Out (Official Music Video). Directed by David Wilson in very special collaboration with Fabian Berglund and Ida Gronblom from Wieden + Kennedy. Produced by Blinkink. Shot over 2 days and stop frame animated from 4,816 still images without a single moment of video footage! Take a look at our Flickr page to see every single frame uploaded in high res – flickr.com/photos/39167181@N06/.”

Wow. A lot of work must have gone into this. You can also watch the making of here.

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“Stop motion animation made out of paper, for the public transport system in Montreal. Direction and concept by Karim Zariffa : karimzariffa.com. The ad was created in collaboration with Sid Lee agency, assistant of Karim was Pascal Brousseau, and photography by Simon Duhamel.”

I was emailed this last week and just now got around to posting. Great little piece of animation.

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When considering this entire short film was created by way of stop motion animation created with stills shot from a camera hung from the ceiling pointing straight at the floor, you just have to kind of look at it in awe and be inspired.

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I didn’t realize the power that 42 seconds could wield over my deep desire to travel to Tokyo. Awesome little video. Please someone send me over there. I will generate all manner of design/art/illustration if you just put me in a hotel for a week and let me go crazy in that city.

More about the maker here: Davidleedop.com

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