Justin Blyth is a multi-faceted and multi-talented individual who has also occasionally dropped a post on Changethethought from time-to-time. Lately he has been curating some exceptional tee through Blood is the New Black and running his always inspirational curated image blog Them Thangs. Aside from all of that he still manages to find time to create experimental art and design work. In short, he’s awesome.

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Justin Blyth who used to occasionally write an occasional somethin’ somethin’ for Changethethought and also runs the expertly curated image/pop/trend-inspiration blog Them Thangs (which is awesome by the way) is also an excellent designer/illustrator/motionographer and has just updated his website and portfolio. He also recently printed and released a curatorial magazine under the tile ‘Them Thangs’ as well. Needless to say, Justin is a multi-talented individual and whatever he is up to is worth looking into.

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Justin Blyth has an image/mood board blog that seriously blows my brain out of the back of my head. There are so damned many totally awesome things happening at Them Thangs I don’t even know where to begin. Just thinking about some of what I have seen there makes the creative hemisphere of my brain start to dance.

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