Strangely, I thought we had posted this already but designer Oscar Pastarus got in touch letting us know he had added a new array of tasty black and white design, illustration and typography to his website including some nice letterwork for You Work For Them.

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Michele Angelo who also goes by Super Expresso is a Barcelona-based designer typographer who just manages to keep cranking out the most likeable compositions including this newly updated list at her Behance folio.

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Australian designer Mark Gowing is churning out some clean contemporary design work out of his base in Sydney. He’s keeping things minimal but doing it right.

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Calligrapher Sergey Shapiro has a long scroll of inspirational calligraphic typography work just waiting there to spring your mouse’s roller ball into action.

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New Zealand studio Inhouse Design has updated with some classic and tasty new graphic design for packaging and branding.

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Portuguese type-as-image designer André Beato has some simple but extremely likeable clever typographic layouts in his portfolio that are attracting attention across the creative blogosphere. And those layouts have recently been refreshed.

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The ‘State Mottos Project‘ is pulling together designers and illustrators across the U.S.A. to create one-off pieces incorporating the state motto from their designated locale. We begged the curators to let us take on Nebraska, the quirky little heart of America that I and Cartman from Southpark hail from but the space was already taken. Regardless, there are some fun things happening throughout the project as could be expected since the anchoring concept is interesting in it’s own right.

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Slick, simple and unapologetically old school typography marks the portfolio of designer Simon Walker and it’s inspiring in a modern and current way.

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Rhode Island School of Design graduate Ari Weinkle specializes in abstract vector illustration, experimental typography and conceptual graphic design.

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Mash Creative has updated again with another fun minimally designed and typographically-based project anchored by a simple concept.

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Bulgarian designer illustrator typographer Kliment Kalchev has updated his portfolio with some eye-catching new work including the above arrangement for Nike apparel.

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The Alphabet is a personal project completed by Alessandro Novelli.

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French graphic designer typographer Benjamin Varin has a real love for simple and tasty letterforms. Consequently there is some good looking simple yet colorful and playful type happening throughout his portfolio along with a few individually crafted fonts.

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Alexander Medel Calderón is a designer illustrator typographer residing in Santiago, Chile where he spends time filling his Flickrfolio with some wonderfully colorful typographic creations.

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Dave Foster works at Saatchi Design in Sydney where he helps his clients communicate effectively with their audience by day and draws letters and type. He’s saving his pennies and hopes to one day attend Den Haag in The Netherlands to complete the Masters Degree in Typeface Design at KABK.

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Wow, designer/typographer Dan Cassaro isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and apply the hand skills to create some of his highly-likable type configurations. He’s got his thing down and it’s looking slick.

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Ryan Frease is currently a senior designer at Alphabet Arm Design in Boston but also accepts freelance commissions. He’s bangin’ out some pretty radical typography including an awesome alphabet for Lettercult’s Alphabattle.

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There is some downright wild type experimentation in the Behance-folio of Bulgarian designer/illustrator/typographer Stefan Chinof. He’s getting in there down to the pixel and pushing all the way into where the eye can barely see.

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