There is some nice new updates to the portfolio of illustrator Miles Donovan. I really dig his style. It’s simple and it’s definitely Photoshop but it somehow manages to avoid the pitfalls of appearing over digital and still feels very ‘printerly’.

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Typographer Seb Lester has released another beautiful print with a simple message, ‘peace’. That message is communicated however through a complex and beautiful work of artistic typography. To find out more about purchasing the print visit Lester’s website.

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Ross Gunter currently works as a designer for Popcorn in east London. He has amassed a simple but considered body of design work and will no doubt continue to do in the future.

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UK artist JKB Fletcher combines pop, consumerism, super heroes, fashion and a good healthy dose of sex then throws them all in a blender and whammo you have some deliciously devious art. It might be cynical but it looks devine.

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UK illustrator Boneface doesn’t have much to say about himself at his website but his violent, bloody superhero-obsessed work says more than enough about him and his talent.

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Chris Thornley is from somewhere in the UK called Darwen. He has a truly diverse talent that shines through via kinetic illustrations accomplished through numerous techniques. There are so many tasty images in his Flickrstream it was difficult to pick just one to show here.

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Brighton-based illustrator Matthew James Taylor has a way with negative space and minimal vector art. The two combine to generate some memorable imagery that although may be designed with simplicity in mind leaves a complex and emotive impression on the viewer.

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Elliott Grubb has lots of doubled letters in his name and he also has some nice design and illustration work in his book for clients like Nike, Levis and Computer Arts. He’s an industrious designer as well with his own storefront where he has already sold out several prints.

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The tongue-in-cheek, gritty and raw illustrations of ‘Babycrow‘ have been drawing their fair share of creative image RSS impressions throughout the day today and for good reason, what is not to love about a polo playing Ghost Rider?

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Design studio Sanderson Bob has updated with some delicious new print and product work that is simple, smart and beautiful.

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British illustrator Daniel Mackie does one thing very well and that is watercolor. It’s a bit of a lost art sometimes when it comes to illustration but Mackie is holding his niche firmly down with some lovely work for a long list of clients.

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Brighton based studio Red Design has updated with several new projects ranging across a diversified style anchored by a classic modernist approach.

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Independent UK based studio Berg has updated their Editions of 100 collection featuring original limited edition works encompassing art, design & photography.

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Graphic designer Andy Blenkinsop lays out a nice little one sheet of infographics in his Flickerfolio that make visual use of some interesting facts and figures. It’s a cool little corner of design that is sometimes overlooked but can be very inspiring.

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One of my most favorite British Illustrators Steven Wilson updated some time ago with a new website. It’s much easier to navigate his extensive portfolio now and the images are also much larger than they were on his last website. So you can get a good look at all of the melting, colorful and downright popoliscious work spilling from the mind and hand of Wilson. I absolutely love his work. It shoots an arrow straight into my pop art heart.

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Dan Mountford is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator and a student at Brighton University. His experimental photo collages have attracted a little buzz this past week because they are a lot of fun to look at.

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Independent creative consultancy Made By Six has updated their website (and it’s very slick) as well as their portfolio. There is some inspiring design work throughout the Made By Six portfolio and they have done an excellent job wrapping it in a website that really sets it off.

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UK creative studio A-Side has updated with new work and a new site. There is a lot of different styles of design happening throughout their portfolio and it’s expertly executed.

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