Lysergid has updated with even more visually stunning digital illustration/design work. There are some really spectacular visuals up for inspiration sake.

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New ‘werk’ and website from Hoverkraft.

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Longtime super web-heavy-hitter Big Spaceship have updated their site with an entirely different and pronounced ‘non-Flash’ look and feel. The site is definitely more functional, but I am on the fence as to whether or not I like it. It definitely punctuates the overall trend of moving Flash into ‘entertainment pockets/buckets’ while going full-boar CSS for containment and functionality.

Regardless of how you might feel about the trend, they are tough to beat though as far as web design and development go.

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I think I may have posted this before but was sent an email reminder this morning, so oh well, there is updates in the portfolio of Kult House. I am digging the Omega Code poster.

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The oh-so-talented Anthony Hurd updates his portfolio with his own special brand of art-design collision awesomeness.

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Andrew Holder updates his illustration portfolio with some really great work.

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Some (don’t get your hopes too high up) minor updates in the portfolio of Hydro 74 including a new reel. Slick vector work as usual.

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New reel, above, and work from Motherland.

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Well, the last and final big design news of the day is that Alex Trochut has once again updated his portfolio with exceptional design and typography work. I highly doubt I will be neither the first or last to mention this to you this week.

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Wow, I am just utterly blown away by the talent of Brazilian designer/illustrator Nelson Balaban. Just amazing. Everything he creates is a work of art. It is like he is somehow hard-wired to artfully meld design and illustration in ways that you have to not only appreciate but respect. He is younger than I was I think before I even started working in the design and advertising field and I just cannot believe the things he produces. Stunning.

Oh and he has also just updated his website, Xtrabold with new and needless to say, unbelievably beautiful work.

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Steven Harrington updates with a new website and loads of new and tasty work.

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Updates in the portfolio of talented vector artist Adhemas Batista.

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Apparently there has been some updates at Experimental Jetset. Anything new from Jetset is worth taking note of.

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I know it wasn’t long ago that I wrote about the brilliant work of Siggeir Hafsteinsson but he was kind enough to leave a comment informing us that he has since updated with a new website. It is definitely worth another look if you missed it the first time because his work is just fantastic.

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