The photographic project titled ‘Urban Elements’ is Boris Loder’s attempt at isolating the objects and familiar architecture that constitutes our everyday urban environment.

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Artist and illustrator Tom French was born in 1982, and raised in the North East of England. He attended the Newcastle school of Art & Design and went on to receive First Class Honors in Graphic Design from the Sheffield Institute of Art and Design. Since then he has continued his discipline by painting and experimenting with spray paint, stencil and collage work.

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Paul D’Amato has some really amazing urban slice-of-life photos in his portfolio. The amazing thing about them is that there is a hard knock life thing being communicated in some of the images but there are some that also feel very much about a celebration of life. The funny thing about his portfolio is that his commercial work could not be more opposite than the rest of his imagery. Someone hand this man a good investigative embedded piece of journalistic work. I don’t think you would be dissappointed with the results.

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Linda Zacks creates dense and vivid collage paintings inspired by urban surroundings that effectively communicate the cultural/ethical/mashup/melting pot that is unique to big cities.

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