This is actually an older project by one of my most favorite Spanish design and illustration studios for Nike basketball. I stumbled upon the project in Vasava’s portfolio a week back while digging for inspiration and though there were some fantastic images generated for the project.

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Were I to ever live in Spain, specifically the magnificent city of Barcelona I think Vasava would be one hell of a place to work. They are still cranking and there is yet more inspirational work recently posted to their ever stalwart portfolio.

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Vasava, one of my favorite Barcelonean graphic design studios has kept busy and updated with some new project work. Oh how I wish I could live there and work with them. It’s such an amazing city filled with such spirited people.

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Barcelona design agency Vasava has updated with what looks like a new website and several new examples of project work. I will be in Barcelona the week after next and I just cannot wait. I was thinking of dropping in on these guys and saying hello.

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There is some nice work in the portfolio of Kike Besada A.K.A. Aduana.

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The almighty Vasava has updated their website and it is overflowing with awesomeness.

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