Young illustrator Gavin Potenza has put up several new examples of his illustration work since I last dropped in on him a long while back. Some of which are definitely worth checking out.

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Rhode Island School of Design graduate Ari Weinkle specializes in abstract vector illustration, experimental typography and conceptual graphic design.

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Mexican illustrator, known only as El Grand Chmaco has a cool little collection of vector-styled posters and typography. Loads of personality.

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A great grip of illustrations and animation by Irish illustrator Eoin Ryan who is based in London. Recent Clients include Wallpaper, GQ Magazine, New Scientist and Wired Magazine.

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Russian illustrator designer Zutto has updated with what looks like a new website and some new fun vector styled illustration work.

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Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng has mastered just the right amount of noise to give his images that soft-airbrushed throwback feeling but manages to keep a modern contemporary twist to his work. We are digging it big time, and he has quite an imagination too. Lovely.

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Zutto is an illustrator based in Russia who is cranking out some super fun vector illustrations. You can see some of them at her Flickr site but she also has a personal website that you can also view here. Really fun work.

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Portuguese designer and typographer André Beato is currently based in London where he concentrates most of his efforts on vector art that has yielded some fun results, specifically in the area of typography.

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Chicken Billy is artist and designer Billy Hayes hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. He has an unusual and highly recognizable style using aggressive color schemes with arranged flat graphic ‘puzzle’ pieces. This is how he describes his work: “The recipe – Take Hanna Barbera, Hulk Hogan, James Brown, Fort Worth Zoo, B.B. King, Hank Williams III and Jesus Christ, mix until the image is bright like a angel. Add a pair of cowboy boots and jeans, some Mexican beer, your choice, and put it all on a page using only flat vector shapes.”

His work is impossible not to like and ready made for t-shirt art. The best way to take in his work is by perusing his Flickr-folio which he updates regularly.

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Brazilian illustrator Fernando Volken Togni has updated his portfolio lately with more of his vector collage work. It’s bright and colorful and he is sticking to his guns on they style he is choosing to work in. It definitely makes for a fun portfolio to browse through.

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Illustrator John Mattos has only one long and glorious scroll of beautiful images in his Behance-folio but it is oh-so-worth-checking-out. Mattos is the recipient of over 100 awards for graphic excellence from various graphic magazines and design organizations including a Gold Medal from the New York Society of Illustrators, Gold from the New York Art Director’s Club and Silver from the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators. He has illustrated for just about every client and magazine you can think of and has also developed institutional projects and provided consulting for Harvard, Stanford, Art Center College, N.Y.U., Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of the Pacific, Brigham Young University.

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I am digging some of the prints available at Another Example produced by Former McFaul designer/illustrator Elliott Grubb. They are simple clean and interesting. Definitely look sharp on a wall. Nice to see the whole ‘holding up my poster to acknowledge it’s physicality’ trend is still hanging on for dear life.

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There is some slick vector work happening in the portfolio of Japanese (now based in the U.S.) designer/illustrator Junichi Tsuneoka whose studio name is Stubborn Sideburn. You can see a slight influence of Japanese prints in his very ornate illustration work.

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Yann AKA Blind Salida has updated with some fun and colorful new vector illustration work. There is some really nice contrast happening in some of the pieces between soft gradiation and simple line work.

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Jimmy Zombie is an illustrator with a unique individual style and perspective that recalls a bit of 60’s psychedelia but is achieve most likely through vector art. It always makes you look twice and would be killer hanging on a wall or adorning a tee shirt.

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Shire born Bristol-based designer and illustrator Tom Lane keeps churning out some good-looking vector eye candy. He has been busy lately working under his taken design name ‘Ginger Monkey‘ and has recently updated with some new and fun work in his portfolio. Just another squirrel in this world tryin’ to get a nut.

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St. Louis based illustrator Natalie Sklobovskaya has some impressive vector work in her Behance-folio including both densely layered ‘Vexel’ art and simple black and white pictograms.

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Vector illustrator extraordinaire Akutou has updated with a new website featuring some 80’s, manga and movie inspired vector candy that is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s the first website I can remember in years that starts with music that I didn’t immediately turn off. The soundtrack is as good as the website and work and you can see what you are listening to by clicking here.

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