Marcus Eriksson A.K.A. Subdisc has updated his portfolio after a long pause. There isn’t really a lot of new work in his book but his work is always worth checking out one more time especially if you are unfamiliar.

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The Only the Brave online exhibition curated by Hellohikimori is finally complete. It’s a veritable trendy design who’s who list with contributions from Jeremyville, eBoy, Suprb, MWM, and Si Scott, LaundryMat, Combustion, Peter Jaworowski, HKI, Michael Paul Young, Tom Muller, Serial Cut, Renascent, Nico Stumpo, Eric Carl and several more.

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Transistor Studios has relaunched a new, beeping, jumpy and static crunching version of their website. Yes, there is some triangle action. You love triangles right?

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Nessim Higson has launched the 7th version of his website, I Am Always Hungry. Once again, there is some great design work in his portfolio.

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The slick people behind Resn are responsible for the mind bending screensaver exercise, Shapeshifter that is oh-so-hard to tear your eyes away from.

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This will surely be the news of the day in the ad/creative circles. CP+B has launched a new and apparently still ‘beta‘ version of their website. The concept is very similar to Modernista’s site whereas content is being fed from all over the net about Crispin into the site. It’s still an interesting idea and maybe more relavant to the giant press-making machine that is Crispin but the execution is really lacking. I know everyone wants to jump on the hate train with CP+B because they are so absolutely amazing but it’s purely logistical. The site just looks ugly and unpolished. If you want to go clean, just do what Weiden and Kennedy did with their recent ‘London‘ website. You can still make a site attractive using type and color. Logistics or not, Crispin is the undisputable heavyweight of the ad world at the moment. I don’t think that is up for argument here, it’s just their site is blah.

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Motion Designer, Raffi Simonian has launched a new web presence featuring some really beautiful and sleek motion/animation work. I really like his website as well. It is very simple and highly functional, utilizing animated gifs as thumbmails, which is really clever in terms of fast load time and quick preview playback. It’s a smart idea featuring some smart work.

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Piet Dewijngaert is a Flash Developer out of Leuven, Belgium whose website has to be more experienced than just viewed. It’s bizarre and maybe even a little irritating but there is no arguing that he is using the website itself as an artistic canvas to literally paint his Flash into.

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Creative Review has built a new and no frills home on the web courtesy (although I am sure it cost more than courtesy) of the Bureau for Visual Affairs.

Link via good ole Computer Love.

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A little Alice In Wonderland remix over 36 rows and 36 columns.

Trippy. Thank you Ryan.

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Andreas Pihlström has updated his internet home-base with some new work. It’s pretty amazing what he has been responsible for and been part of in recent months.

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Gary Austin is graduating soon but has already amassed a nice body of design work. Hire him.

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Guess what? Juxt Interactive have updated after a very long time and once again, blog style with no Flash.

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Longtime super web-heavy-hitter Big Spaceship have updated their site with an entirely different and pronounced ‘non-Flash’ look and feel. The site is definitely more functional, but I am on the fence as to whether or not I like it. It definitely punctuates the overall trend of moving Flash into ‘entertainment pockets/buckets’ while going full-boar CSS for containment and functionality.

Regardless of how you might feel about the trend, they are tough to beat though as far as web design and development go.

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Really amazing site housing equally amazing work.

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Hello Hikimori has updated with some interesting new work. Again, I am sure this has probably been mentioned in just about every design blog out there but Hello Hikimori works pretty hard to earn the tip of the hat.

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Just when you start to think that Flash experimentation is at a standstill someone like Cartelle comes along and just has fun with it. None of it is necessarily new but that doesn’t mean playing around with it isn’t still a really great time.

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An all new website has been launched for the digital agency Odopod. Its new and its pink and there is a lot of work to click through.

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