There is some nice work in the portfolio of Brooklyn-based Free Association (great name too by the way). I just wish they had showcased the work a little larger. I would like to see a little more of it.

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Tyrsa is the work of French graphic/web designer Alexis Taieb. There are some interesting projects dotted throughout Taieb’s portfolio.

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Netdiver has listed it’s top 100 (or more like 110) list for 2008. I am not always a big fan of ‘top’ lists because they are totally subjective and relative to author opinion more than audience but there is some good stuff in there and some things I haven’t seen before. Netdiver has been putting in the work since the 90s and always manages to pin down some great content.

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The really fine people at Suprb decided to spread a little Holiday cheer in the form of a really slick WordPress theme called Grid-a-licious. I would love to do something similar for the next version of Changethethought. I am still looking at different possibilities for how to redesign the new site in 09 and the idea behind this theme is really cool. If anything it would be a great theme for displaying your personal portfolio site.

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Cobra Creative is keeping Flash alive with one of the most bad-ass homepages I have seen in a while. They have an all new website stocked full of new work as well.

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Slick Flash work and web development from Pablo Pinasco. So rarely do I post anything about web design which is ironic considering I spent nearly 4 years as a Flash developer and haven’t been able to bring myself to write a function since. I used to have nightmares in Actionscript. It takes a unique individual to be good at it and still keep his sanity.

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My friend and local Denver web designer/developer Joe Mease has relaunched his website. Joe is one of Denver’s best kept secrets and has developed sites for some of the best agencies in the city. He also happens to be a incredibly nice guy and you just absolutely cannot miss if you are looking for a consistently amazing Flash developer.

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Suprb has officially relaunched with a new site and apparently a new team.

More about Suprb:
“Originally established in 2005 by Andreas Pihlstrom, Suprb became a two man army when Emil Olsson joined forces in late 2008.

Suprb is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden that works remotely with a select group of like minded creatives from the world over, such as Dimitre Lima, Universal Everything, Christopher Hewitt, Michael Paul Young, Jonathan Puckey, Michael Fakesch, Stefan Gandl, Jake Wherry and Ben Lukas Boysen.”

Wow, that is some pretty serious heavy-hitting name-dropping. I am a massive fan of Universal Everything and all that they do.

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Heavy-web hitter Firstborn has relaunched their site and it is full of tasty web design goodness.

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“Hello! I’m Eric Carl, a web/graphic designer and illustrator residing in Los Angeles. I currently work at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects as a web designer and instructor. I have a passion for art and design, its the truth. I have a certain affection for vintage illustration and advertising, particularly from the ’60s and ’70s when things got weird.”

I feel exactly the same way about the whole 60s and 70s thing.

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Updates in the portfolio of once Ludosabato now Mike Tucker.

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Hello Hikimori has updated their website and portfolio with several new projects. It’s a loud browser-overtaking experience but they are good at what they do.

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Ex Hi-Res man Carl Burgess has started a new studio titled, More Soon. There is already some really interesting work up at the website not the least of which is the absolutely wild and bizarre 3D movie that plays when you land on the site.

I dig it.

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The website for the elusive Brazilian creative agency Big Man is in a way simple but in another way complex. I apologize if that doesn’t really make sense but after you visit, you will see what I mean. After clicking on several of the links, I am still having a little trouble figuring out exactly what it is that they do but the site itself is very interesting.

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“Rafaël Rozendaal (1980)

Dutch and Brazilian nationality

Most people know me for my websites. My subjects range from clouds to blood, from hands to farts, from hills to dollars, from doors to fire. A friend of mine asked ‘what is your leading path?’

I cannot answer that question yet.”

The dutch/brazilian combination makes for some pretty interesting thinking as you can see by the absolutely fascinating, interesting and just downright weird experimental work on his website.

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I don’t know how else to put it other than that I just really really like how Jam 3 Media’s website works. It’s awesome.

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Fluidesign out of the great city of Angels has updated their site with some glitzy flash and even more glitzy work. It must be a tough job photographing some of those models.

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There has been some amazing creative generated for Uniqlo lately and Uniqlo Try was a site I saw a while back that slipped my mind as far as posting it here. It really is an amazing website conceptually and a current project I am working on was in part inspired by this thinking. Fundamentally the website visually outputs the statistical data gathered by summing up the comments of 343 surveyed Uniqlo customers. Apparently they were surveyed in Uniqlo dressing rooms as I was told recently by a colleague. The site was designed by Simone in Japan. It’s a brilliant way to use Flash to flesh out an interesting concept as opposed to just using it for entertainment value.

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