Hekuzuku is a graphic design studio located in 8064 Zurich and composed of Marlon Ilg, Jill Mattes and Simon Trüb. Hekuzuku conceives and creates products in the field of visual communication.”

Very interesting scroll of print work.

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Swiss design duo Ronnie Fueglister and Martin Stoeckling make up Studio Sport. Having real Swiss last names (as they stipulate on their site), consequently there is some crisp typography work in their collaborative portfolio.

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T. M. Schmid’s Swiss furniture studio Strala has created some stunningly beautiful sculptural pieces. The chair above is a true example of furniture as art.

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Amazing work abounds in the portfolio of über talented Zürich-based designers Marc Kappeler & Markus Reichenbach who have combined forces under the name Moiré. Spend some time picking through their work and be sure to visit their archive where you will find almost another entire website full of work. Impressive.

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