Canadian designer, artist, actor, thinker, mentor and pirate Taylor David is oozing with style. His stylized retro-twinged collaging makes for highly commercially viable imagery and if you dare click on his ‘info’ section you will in turn be treated to a highly commercially viable looking kind of a guy with a whole lot of hair.

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3 Responses to “Taylor David”

  1. sektor Says:

    Nice… some striking similarities to Scott Hansens work – still great tho’ (and some cool shots of my home town in the Danny will s section).


  2. Kidplastik Says:

    Agreed, nice work and some well done designs. Although, like Sektor said it’s hard not to notice the ISO50 inspiration if not a little more than that. Especially on the works like ’33 Since 1976′ and ‘Hed Kandi Carl’.

  3. Hed Kandi Says:

    Label: Hed Kandi

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