The agency for whom I work as an Art Director, Cactus has recently been behind an ad campaign exclaiming that ‘The Cigarette is Dead” The ads have literally blanketed Denver. The campaign was created for the Colorado Department of Public Health. The campaign has been hard not to notice. Especially since the ads have come in the form of posters, spraypaint and wheat pasted posters over cigarette billboards. It has been an interesting thing to watch unfold since the campaign was approached as more of a social movement than a traditional ad campaign. The motion piece above was created by local motion designer Adam Espinoza. You can learn a little more about the campaign at the official website thecigaretteisdead.com.

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3 Responses to “The Cigarette Is Dead”

  1. Ian Brown Says:

    Although the chalk-like substance is easily removable, other agencies haven’t had such a privilege for such ads. How are the Catus’ ads allowed to be stenciled on the streets and not be considered graffiti?

  2. killercig Says:

    Classic tobacco cigarettes are so pass

  3. Lewis Ray Says:

    Cigerettes are dead0 but a good cuban cigar will never die. Cigars are not as detramentail to your health as cigerattes. Besides a good cigar is like a fine women. always good to have one around.

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