The Silent Giants were nice enough to get in touch and let me know that they have put some new posters in their online storefront. There work is fantastic. Wow, I am continually amazed by what they are producing. Just beautiful work.

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3 Responses to “The Silent Giants Store”

  1. TalkingToTheGround Says:

    I love gig posters, and these guys have several of my favorite bands!
    The “Iron and Wine” and “Modest Mouse” ones will be mine soon! 😀

  2. Ed Says:

    Hey Chris, thanks a lot for the write up, it means a lot to us. I check the blog everyday, keep up the solid posts. We got a ton of new stuff lined up for the near future, stay in touch man.

  3. Christopher Cox Says:

    Ed, thank you for sending me an email to let me know you updated. Big big fan of your work and I am always excited to see what you do next. Please keep me informed and best of luck with the store. I am sure you guys will do great.

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