Well this video has been circulating around the internet and it is sparking a lot of curiosity. In the video Tom Cruise espouses his views on Scientology to the Mission Impossible music, which gets a little grating after a while. I hate to bash on other peoples religious beliefs but I think this is an unusual case since Cruise is such a high profile individual and doesn’t seem to be shying from media attention on the issue. I found the video fairly creepy but it’s hard to know exactly what he is talking about. I think what ups the creepy factor is his intensity.Anyway have a look and form your own opinion.

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One Response to “Tom Cruise Just Might Be Jesus”

  1. Tom Says:

    He used 2 be sane. He used 2 be an excellent actor. Then he found Scientology, jumped backwards on Oprahs couch and blasted Brooke Shields 4 taking prescription drugs 4 post partum depression. He used 2 be one of the greats in Hollywood now hes just ur average run of the mill nutbar.

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