Transistor Studios has relaunched a new, beeping, jumpy and static crunching version of their website. Yes, there is some triangle action. You love triangles right?

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7 Responses to “Transistor Studios: Updates”

  1. BBB Says:

    Fucking lame site.

  2. Christopher Says:

    Fucking lame comment.

  3. BBB Says:

    Seriously, animated flash sites? WTF?

  4. thilst Says:

    cool site, but lame to see them come up with space triangles now.. very unoriginal! that triangle shit was dope 1-2 year ago.. i get a “wannabe” feeling out of it..

    they got MAD SKILLZ though..

  5. Christopher Says:

    Yeah, that is kind of what I thought. The site and the little visuals are pretty played out. There is kind of a 90’s ‘Seven’ thing happening combined with the whole ‘triangles are cool’ craze. The combination doesn’t work very well. But yes. There work is really good once you get to it and realize the site is overshadowing it.

  6. Trevor Conrad Says:

    Lets talk about the work itself: the animation in their reels is really not all that impressive. I think that the editing and sound effects for the reel are however quite nicely cut together. The lame transformer cars and the not very well composited hp ad, its just all pretty mediocre if you get past the sound effects and space odyssey stuff.

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