Wow, I stumbled up the Behance sketchbook of illustrator Wesley Eggebrecht and was very impressed. He has an amazing style and imagination. It made me excited to pick up the pencil and just go for it. You can see a few more examples of his work in the rest of his Behance folio and he also has a website, but to be perfectly honest the rawness of his sketches and his intuitive style was what I was most taken by.

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  1. animatic Says:

    that’s not raw and imaginative, that’s bland and conventional. please check dictionary before using these special words.

  2. Christopher Cox Says:

    Well alright then ‘Animatic’ enlighten everyone here with your ‘raw’ and ‘imaginative’ work by posting a link to where we can see what you produce.

    Please, we are all curious. Post a link. If it’s good, I will post it to the blog. People always leave comments like this but never actually post a link to whatever it is that they do that is so much better than what they are bitching about. So please, be the first. You have a ‘special’ invitation to do so.

  3. Mr.28 Says:

    Well said Chris. I came here to post a comment saying I thought this was some pretty awesome work. If you hadn’t beaten me to it I would have been saying much the same.

  4. Manuel Says:

    There are some nice sketches in that portfolio but I agree – overall it’s not too mind-blowing. It was a pleasant surprise to see some character concept art featured on ctt but imho there are way better examples than the above such as this: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=121966 (NOT mine)

  5. animatic Says:

    well my own work is nothing special. but you’ve already got new posts on this blog to work that is more raw and imaginative.

    here is some more:

  6. Christopher Says:

    Emmanuel, your work is great. Some of that stuff is really nice. The site isn’t the best, having to wait for that preload but it’s all about the work and your work is really good. I am going to post it on the main blog today. Thank you for supporting your comment and giving us an insight into who you are. You are very talented my friend.

  7. Steve Kim Says:

    Ahh hilarious to see concept art/people on this blog! Agreed, CA isn’t the best place to browse the stuff if you are new to it. Try http://www.cghub.com

  8. oscar woodruff Says:

    It’s not seeing concept art on CTT that I find hilarious, it’s the unexpected and unjustified art-snobbery. I agree with you Chris. With the genre that Mr. Eggebrecht falls into; he may not be the absolute best. I can still, however; see a “quality” in his drawing that stands apart. Hopefully these neigh-sayers won’t deter you from posting this manner of illustration in the future.

  9. animatic Says:

    erm just to clarify, i’m not emmanuel. i posted his art as an example of more interesting work…

    i can see how you misunderstood me tho. sorry about that.

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