The preview finally dropped yesterday and director Spike Jonze appears to be in top form so far from the looks of the trailer. Where the Wild Things Are was an obsession of mine as a child. I used to draw the monsters and dream of going off by boat to a far away land just like in the book. I am really excited to see this brought to the big screen. I just hope they release a director’s cut of the movie when it is released on DVD.

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  1. nick Says:

    we wore that book out as kids. that and the giving tree. can not wait to see this. hopefully one of those trippy experiences that instantly teleports you back to when you were a kid…

  2. Manu Says:

    Are you sure that you dreamt about going to that far away land in a boat? Because afaik in the book the kid’s room transforms into a tropical island.

  3. Christopher Cox Says:


  4. Manu Says:

    Hmm – didn’t expect such an arrogant reply…

  5. Christopher Says:

    Well, I apologize. I don’t mean to be a jerk. It’s just with material like this you can’t win. People obsess over these things and with movies like this and the Watchmen, if you can’t quote the page number and remember every paragraph, everyone acts like you are some kind of a fraud or a poser for being excited about the movie.

    No, I have not read the book in a very long time. It was a book that I adored as a little boy, and right now I don’t have kids to share it with. I loved that book as a child. I remembered a boat on the sea. I grew up in Nebraska, I was a young man before I finally saw the ocean. That image stood out to me. That is something I recalled. I wanted to see the ocean so badly and my parents never traveled. Ever.

    It’s like you are insinuating that I somehow don’t really know about or care about the book because I didn’t exactly quote that his room transforms into a tropical island.

    What I remembered is wishing I could be transported out of my little room in small town Nebraska to somewhere that I could run free and be creative, which was something I felt like I couldn’t do where I was.

    That’s what I remember. And that’s why I jumped out of my seat with excitement when I heard about this movie and finally saw the preview. Especially since it was directed by someone who sincerely appreciates the creative process and what the book symbolizes.

    I hope that is a suitable explanation for you.

  6. Manu Says:

    It’s alright… I worked as a cg-artist on that movie. I remembered that the boat scene is not in the book and found it funny that this trailer made you believe that since your childhood you dreamt of that boat-scene. Let’s just take it as another reminder on how easily the media can make us believe all sorts of things.
    No worries…

  7. Christopher Says:

    Manu, yeah that is ironic. I guess what I remember is the idea of escaping to somewhere else far away from where I was. Now I really feel bad. Insert foot in big mouth. If anyone knows the material firsthand, it is most definitely you.

    Props to you by the way for working as a CG artist on this movie. I think this is going to be a massive movie. Huge. You should be absolutely thrilled that you got to participate in such a high profile project. That must be really exciting. Congrats.

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