Well, if the Whitehouse website is any indication of Obama’s intention to ‘get things done’ we might actually be in for some real changes. The code validates and the site was updated pretty much the second he was sworn in. Hooray for good design in the White House.

C’mon folks. Its the little things you know. Bit by bit. We’ll get there.

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  1. jeffrey kilpatrick Says:

    mr. president jennefer aniston said she swears that it was color blind and their was really nothing wrong with it.

  2. Elizabeth Diana Bond Says:

    I raised 5 children, single parent, youngest now 22. I am a first-time home buyer, pre-approved loan after working 18 years with the school system and 4 part-time jobs to make ends meet. I now am on my way to happiness due to President Obama. I have run into a snag that the short sale has turned into a long sale. Contract on house since May and the only contract on the house now. Countrywide has the house and will not ratify the contract due to “overload” they say and keeps sending my contract to a new negotiator, now they want another 2 weeks or more. My closing was set for 7/31/09 and since Countrywide will not ratify my contract I am about to walk away from the sale. The house is my dream…and it is going to deteriorate as it has been setting empty for a year last February, but Countrywide will NOT move on it. The Loan number is 022258347 and the new negotiator now handling it is Christine Aparian. The number I was asked to call is 866-880-1232, but they will not let me go any further due to authorization information. I do not think this is the “streamline” that the President wanted to see happen to boost the economy by buying homes. PLEASE HELP CONTRYWIDE MOVE ON THEIR CONTRACTS! It is no wonder they have gone under…but we still suffer..someone is not doing their job.

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