Wow, I am just utterly blown away by the talent of Brazilian designer/illustrator Nelson Balaban. Just amazing. Everything he creates is a work of art. It is like he is somehow hard-wired to artfully meld design and illustration in ways that you have to not only appreciate but respect. He is younger than I was I think before I even started working in the design and advertising field and I just cannot believe the things he produces. Stunning.

Oh and he has also just updated his website, Xtrabold with new and needless to say, unbelievably beautiful work.

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2 Responses to “Xtrabold: Updates”

  1. JT Says:

    meh. Looks like everyone else’s shit. Just pick any page of fffound at random.

  2. Christopher Says:

    JT, what are some examples of stuff out there in the art/illustration/design world that you consider highly original? Honestly. I am not trying to call you out or anything. Just promote discussion because I am genuinely curious. Also, while you are casting stones (and maybe I am calling you out a little here) what does your work look like? I hear dismissive comments like this from time to time (that are easy to give and don’t really provide or do anything constructive) and I am always sincerely curious to see what the commenters work looks like. Just to compare and contrast. Its hard to put your work out there. Its personal and it makes you vulnerable. You can’t really do anything about general criticism unless it is specific and constructive. Examples to the point always help.

    Honestly though, I and others would really like to see and possibly be enlightened and inspired by both your work and examples of work you feel is original. Please share with the rest of us and maybe we can all learn something together.

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