I know a lot of you out there get upset when I write about politics, but tonight I will just have to ignore that. To me this moment in the history of the country in which I was born means more to me.

Tonight really overwhelmed me. As an American and as an American who still loves this country but has been wounded by watching such a dismal last few years unfold, I really do pray with all my heart that this is a step in a new direction. For being such an influence on the global politic, as a young person it has been hard for me to watch other parts of the world make important steps towards progress while America has lagged behind. We still have a very very long way to go, but I feel that this really is an important step.

I have never seen so much energy directed toward something like this election in all my life. It was amazing seeing so many young people finally wake up and get involved. I only hope this is just a start and we will only see more and more young people take up their civic duty and not only vote but contribute to the electoral process in this county.

We did it. We worked hard. We hoped and toiled against some very hard odds and we did it. We finally elected our first black president. I have prayed that I would one day live to see this day in my life. I worked all weekend on graphics for MoveOn.org that were created for if Obama won the election (you can see two of those graphics above).

It scared the hell out of me because I felt like the person who must be responsible for creating all of the paraphernalia for the team expected to win the World Series only to have to watch them lose on game day. It made me all the more tense and I had no idea how I would react tonight if Obama won. The moment it was announced I burst into tears.

It is important to note that John McCain gave a wonderful speech tonight that revealed his true character and his love for this country. He showed true heart tonight and was incredibly gracious.

I think it is just impossible if you live in the United States to ignore the importance of this moment. I hope we can find a way to once again unify this divided country and heal the rift that has lately divided us. I sincerely do.

My sincerist congratulations to those of you out there to whom this means so much. And to those who do not agree with Obama or his policies, I sincerely hope we can find a way to begin to work together and try to make this country better. It is going to take everyone, not just one side versus the other. We need unity now more than ever before.

Now lets move forward. We have an incredible amount of work to do and this is only the beginning.

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  1. nick Says:

    thank you for all the work you did chris. its a good day.

  2. Christopher Cox Says:

    Thank you Nick. I appreciate that. I know not everyone who visits this site agrees with me and that is perfectly fine. I have encouraged those people via emails to create materials for McCain as well to help make this an even race for president. I think McCain is a good man and respect all that he has done for the U.S. I know there will be some negative comments here but I will just have to let those people hate away. I can stand it after all of this. It has been a tough year but it has been worth every damned second. I wouldn’t take any of it back.

  3. Trey Says:

    This moment is truly the drop of water that ripples around the world. I live in Canada and not only am I extremely gracious and excited that Obama is the next vice president, I put my trust in him because as a Canadian, I know that our great neighbour down south has a lot of influence up North here, and I truly hope that America can change for the better so we can all work together. It feels like our world can finally awake from slumber and take a step forward together, a first step in a journey towards peace and prosperity. I don’t know anybody from Canada who didn’t watch the election tonight; I think it was followed up here more closely than our own election in October. Thanks Chris for your crazy good designs. If it wasn’t for Costco I wouldn’t have known about this site, and I’m so glad that there is somebody out there that does what I want to do and believes what I believe. Solid like Barack!

  4. Trey Says:

    oops sorry i mean PRESIDENT. haha please don’t hunt me down.

  5. Christopher Cox Says:

    Thanks Trey. I hope it is a step forward too. It is just a step. But at least it is a step. And that step is a forward step after so many backward.

  6. Brad Says:

    Quick little critic…Why’s the arrow pointing down on the 2nd poster? I realize it’s point to the date, but it gives me kind of a negative feeling. That’s all.

  7. Pete Says:

    christopher, congratulations on your posters, your fine body of work, and your perseverance. and I for one have missed your political posts. this site is now, and has always been, yours. you should always say what you feel, without fear of retribution or derision. it’s what our nation is built upon.

    and again, great work.

  8. Grant Says:

    This is an amazing day in American history and hopefully will be the beginning of a new era in world leadership. All of the work you have done for Obama is amazing. Now we just have to wait until inauguration day!

  9. Dan Says:

    Can we get a bigger picture of those flyers?

    YES WE DID!!!!! Finally some change is coming

  10. allen Says:

    Well I didn’t vote for the man but I’m glad to see him in the hot seat over McCain. Hopefully he can bring positive change and not just change to Washington. I’ll hope for the best and do what I can to make it a better country. But the first thing I will do is buy some Assault Riffles before he renews the ban on them.

  11. Christopher Cox Says:

    I’ll try to get some new free downloadable graphics up in the Obama section this week. I created these for MoveOn.org and can’t offer them for free yet until I know what they are going to select. I am already work on a new commemorative ‘victory’ poster for Obama as well. That will be coming soon. I am actually working on a drawing and heavily layered file for that, so it will be at least a week or so before that is up and done. Then I will get it off to press. So all in all, that one will take a month or so. But the free graphics will be up soon. I promise.

  12. oli Says:

    congratulations from berlin. whole germany is feeling happy about this issue!
    keep care. oli

  13. Adam R Garcia Says:

    I, for one, appreciate different modes of discourse paralleled with design. And I look forward to the political posts on CTT. It adds depth and a point of view that helps contextualize a lot of the other reasons I check this site, i.e. the work and links. Keep up the good work.

  14. nick Says:

    I am a democrat but i welcome any designs related to all politics. i am open to any ideas that better us all and everyone should forward such things to CTT. the only prerequisite is that they are well designed :)

  15. Will Says:

    people loved your posters so much they stole them out of the TDA entryway. either that, or some boulder republicans (wtf?) are sore losers and took them down.

  16. Chris Says:

    The tough thing about generating some of the materials for groups like MoveOn.org and the actual Obama for America campaign is that they aren’t really being created for designers. They are being made for a massive spectrum of the public. They have to be somewhat universal and incredibly simple. That is why Shepard Fairey’s images did so well. They are simple. The new stuff I did for MoveOn, I made even more simple. I really wanted everyone to be able to use it and appreciate it. So although I get spanked sometimes from fellow designers on some of that work, I am not really doing it for them. I just wanted working class people who really believed in Obama and his message to have usable materials that they could be proud of.

  17. Lauren K Says:

    Great moment in history, great moment for our country, and great words Christopher. Very well said and great designs above. I am proud to have been a part of disproving the “apathetic” stigma of the young generation and to have been a part (through my vote) of this ground breaking moment. Thank for sharing your thoughts.

  18. Brad Says:

    Wow. It’s changed. I feel better, now!

  19. Dan Says:

    Thanks so much for all the cool posters and such, I bookmarked this site and now check it out everyday!

  20. Christopher Cox Says:

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. It was a big day. A lot of good and hopeful vibes circulating.

  21. ágúst Says:

    you did it and by doing it you have rebuild the belief of democracy for the rest us. So thanks a lot and also for maintaining this great blog.

  22. Ken Says:

    Chris……….can’t think of a time when I have been more excited about an election except when we elected JFK………I felt the same way then as all of you “youngsters” feel now…..
    A voice from your past: “Mr. Mumm”

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