Wow, designer/typographer Dan Cassaro isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and apply the hand skills to create some of his highly-likable type configurations. He’s got his thing down and it’s looking slick.

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4 Responses to “Young Jerks”

  1. Trevor Conrad Says:

    Wow, indeed. . . very nice work, can’t believe i hadn’t heard of this guy.

  2. Will Says:

    Dan definitely has got it together! You will love his State Mottos Project: http://statemottosproject.com/

  3. Just saying Says:

    “Isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty”? I’m pretty sure the only thing his hands are touching are a wacom tablet and photoshop. Great portfolio, but to imply any of it is “hand-made” is a stretch.

  4. i_Brontosaurus Says:

    ^^ Haters gonna hate… Jus sayin’.

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